The importance of sustainability and ethical processing in fashion has never been more important: being the second most harmful industry for the environment, our shopping choices have a way bigger impact on our world than we’d think.


Supporting Sustainability

What is sustainability?
Sustainable brands create clothing items from eco-friendly, consciously resourced fabrics while supporting ethical work conditions, and different charity organisations in many cases. Just like cruelty-free makeup brands, sustainable clothing lines have become more and more popular over the years, which is an amazing sign for the future of fashion.

With every purchase you make, you can support employment rights, help charity organisations, provide education in third world countries and tackle water and leather waste issues to help the environment.


Better for you, better for the environment

While we’ve probably all heard about sweatshops, we don’t naturally associate them with most fast fashion brands. The price tags and constant new stock might be tempting every now and again, but it’s important to take action and break the chain of the industry’s darkest side by making conscious fashion choices and reducing your ecological fashion footprint.

The term fast fashion doesn’t only reflect on these clothing items’ cheap, easily accessibility: it also suggests that you won’t get too much use out of them because of their low quality material. By purchasing sustainable clothing items, you support designers and the ethical work process, and create a wardrobe consisting of a mix of timeless and unique pieces that will last you at least a decade.


Modafirma stands for sustainability

Since the early stages of Modafirma, we focused on the uniqueness and supporting the individuals in the fashion community. Working with over 200 independent, sustainable and artisan couture brands helped us see the huge versatility in the industry and with every collaboration, we’ve learnt something new about sustainability, which we represent with our platform.

Our choices:

Everyday Favourites

Simple T-shirts, comfy dresses and gorgeous cardigans…everything you need for your new go-to casual chic outfit.

Must-Have Accessories

We all need a statement pair of boots and a big tote bag – these accessories are versatile and timeless pieces that you can mix with anything

Unique Pieces

Besides minimalistic clothing items, we all need a few wow items that will turn heads and make any outfit more interesting


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