Modafirma Independent Brand & Ethical Fashion Statement


What We Stand For

As well as being a champion for independent fashion , Modafirma proudly supports ethical fashion brands  and all our brands all adhere to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and by supporting and selling over 100 fashion and lifestyle brands, we raise awareness about the empowering, conscious and positive side of ethical fashion.

Our Main Focus Points


Fair work conditions

Human rights violation and child labour are amongst the most common issues of fast fashion companies. Modafirma carries brands who provide fair and ethical working conditions and are open to providing extra time for improving creative skills and supporting charitable activities for employees (such as Alice’s Pig).

Employment of local artisans

Our obsession with fashion started because of its uniqueness, and we’d like to help to preserve that by working with brands who employ local artisans to truly represent their heritage and share their story (such as Carla Lopez and Hope Made).

Curation of independent talent

As a creative industry, fashion keeps growing and changing, so we are constantly supporting upcoming designers and start-up brands to offer a mix of fresh talent besides well-established brands.

Brands Who Give Back

We love to support brands who are invested in a specific cause and give back to the community, such as Retrospective Jewellery and Seira Elves who donate to animal rights charities.

Natural & Eco Materials

Besides social issues, fashion has been the second most polluting industry for years. Modafirma works with independent brands such as Triarchy and Elvis & Kresse, who’s been tirelessly working to tackle waste issues.

Our Goals within Modafirma

  • Supporting more carefully selected independent, positive fashion brands
  • Raising awareness about unethical fashion processes and global industry issues
  • Actively tackling waste and human rights issues in the fashion industry by working together with sustainable and positive fashion brands
  • Introducing upcoming independent fashion brands to our audience
  • Working together with organisations and fashion charities to help the slow fashion movement

Our Brands


Working with a large variety of positive independent fashion brands helped us learn more about and contribute to the industry, whilst demonstrating that Independent and ethical fashion can be beautiful, stylish and chic. Working together with artists, independent designers and creative directors who form ongoing partnerships to tackle leather waste (Elvis & Kresse), who work with Eco Gold (LilyFlo Jewellery), those that reform the traditional way of denim production (Triarchy), only use fair trade organic cotton (Ingmarson) or re-use luxury silk (Bastet Noir). Bringing together these amazing independent  brands enables us to form a conscious fashion network where both consumers and brands can meet, communicate and learn more about fashion.

Be a Part of The Change

As a consumer: Get familiar with our brands, search on ModaEdit for more information or get in touch at [email protected] regarding any questions/suggestions about the way Modafirma works

As a business partner: If you own a brand/organisation with an interest in positive and sustainable fashion, contact us at [email protected] – we’d love to collaborate with you.