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Modafirma is always on the lookout for inspiring, independent  and ethical brands to partner with. Besides exclusive marketing services, we offer account managed, independent boutiques on a unique platform that connects customers with the very best of independent brands

To sell on Modafirma you have to be invited or apply by writing to us on Once we have received your application an account manager will review your application and revert within two working days with further details of how the process works and how to operate your boutique on our platform.

Advantages of selling with Modafirma

  • Reap benefits from being in a credible, well trafficked, fashion, lifestyle  hub
  • A fully managed online independent boutique
  • Customised social media promotion
  • For a small monthly membership fee we drive traffic to your website
  • Secure payment processing and online security
  • Featuring in our frequent email campaigns, blog
  • Benefit from our major affiliate marketing and influencer partnerships
  • Take part in our frequent pop up shop and marketing events
  • Become a Modafirma ambassador and raise your brand profile

Please note that as an exclusive platform we carefully research all our potential partners in terms of price point, imagery, merchandise and suitability. All partners have to adhere to at least one of what we think defines a positive fashion brand as follows:

  • Made from organic, biodegradable or recycled material
  • Up-cycled, Recycled or vintage
  • Vintage
  • Support women female business initiatives
  • Support communities
  • Made locally supporting local communities, minimising environmental pollution
  • Practice  social corporate responsibility
  • Philanthropic endeavour or aligned to a charitable cause
  • Do not pollute the environment,  practice conservationism e.g ( zero waste)
  • Products have Sustainable or Eco label certification

On acceptance all our independent fashion brand partners are given a bespoke account management service that includes marketing, promotion, content, participation in sales events and social media. For this we charge a small monthly subscrition fee that can be accessed HERE 

Modafirma endeavours to promote and present to all buyers a stylish collection of unique pieces and products  from all over the world.

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