Customer loyalty

Modafirma Customer Value proposition

Modafirma values its members, independent brand partners and customers. It is important that we place customers and all stakeholders  at the epicentre of our brand. Consequently, we promise to:

Value your opinions:

We need to garner your feedback and tap into what you want to see on our unique sustainable platform.  This can only be facilitated if you “talk to us”. Reach out any time on

Deliver to you as fast as we can:

Modafirma is a global platform of Independent, unique and ethical fashion brands who are determined to get their creations to you wherever you are. We therefore will endeavour to ensure that delivery is streamlined and fast as possible. If you have an issue with your delivery let the boutique owner know by emailing them directly from their homepages if this does not work we will step in to resolve the situation as best as we can.

Service anywhere any time:

We are a social global community and therefore will aim to get all issues resolved as soon as possible. We will ensure you are kept updated every single step of the way. Usual turn around for a query is 1 business day

Safety first: