With their amazing story and approach to designs and nature, Takutea is one of the most unique and gorgeous sustainable denim brands to come out of Italy. Their denim creations are worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To learn more about their inspiration, production process and love and respect for the environment, we spoke with Valeria, the co-owner of Takutea.

Takutea Brand Focus


Where does your brand name and the logo (the Sula bird) come from?

Takutea name comes from a small earthly paradise, an atoll in the south east Pacific Ocean. Takutea is an unspoiled island of Cook Islands, where it’s possible to appreciate the beauties of nature and wonderful animals, like the Sula. The Sula is a typical bird of the Cook Islands: it’s particularity are the tiny pawns: red or blue.


What/who inspired and influenced you to start your brand?

I have always loved fashion and visual arts in general. My partner has worked in the denim industry in the past, so we have put together our great passions and created Takutea. Besides, my partner and I love nature, so we thought that nothing could represent us better.

Tell us more about your materials and the importance of sustainable for Takutea. Why do you think it’s important for customers to support ethical fashion businesses today?

We love nature and we don’t want to ruin it. We mix denim’s tradition, fashion and nature in everything we do. This is the reason why we use denim fabrics, 100% cotton and selvage and recycled materials. Because the world is evolving and with new technologies we can save it and not destroy it.

Who is the Takutea customer?

A customer who knows what she wants. A demanding customer who understands what denim is. A customer who is attentive to details, who loves real denim and trends.


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You also support the Animal Free Project by LAV. Can you tell us a bit more about this charity and how you work together with them?

It’s not a coincidence that our logo is a bird. We love animals, among the great gifts that have been given to us on earth and it’s not right to forget them. The LAV association supports the development of a completely Animal Free fashion, and with them and many other companies, we want to spread the idea that fashion is not doing evil. Even if it’s “just clothes”, you need logic and validity behind them.

Do you have any childhood fashion heroes who still inspire you today?

Giorgio Armani.

If you could work together with one artist or designer, who would it be and why?

Kazuyo Sejima, Japanese architect. In her works I have always appreciate the light, that creates an amazing synergy between interior and exterior. If I had to open a Takutea store, I would like her project, because surely she would create a perfect union between external environment and nature and the modern interior.


If you could give one fashion advice to the Modafirma customers?

Fast fashion has changed the imagination of fashion and especially purchase experience. I believe that we all should review what fashion means to restore value to quality.

What is your go to casual spring/summer outfit for this season?

Jeans oversized fit, t-shirt and sneaker.

What are your favourite items from Modafirma?

I really love this Lily Flo necklace as it reflects my style – simple, but noticable. For special occasions, I’d 100% wear this jacket from Stefanie Renoma, and I’d also include our regular fit jeans…I wear it all the time.

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