We all deserve pamper days, when we can relax, think through our days and make our whole body feel better – and don’t worry if you are not sure where to start! With our easy beauty routine and product recommendations, you are guaranteed to have an amazing pamper day.


Smooth Skin

Winter is the perfect time for long, luxurious baths! Pamper yourself with a scented bath bomb. These little bombs will not only add fun colours (or even glitters) and gorgeous scents to your bath, but they will also nourish your skin with high quality ingredients such as shea butter, coconut and argan oil and rosemary. While you are enjoying your bath bomb, grab your favourite body scrub and apply it gently to your whole body. After your skin is feeling smooth and soft, choose a thick texture bod butter to give your skin that extra care.

Lush Cinders Bath Bomb & The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

 Flawless Face

Cleanse and scrub your face gently with a refreshing cleanser that will help you get rid of any excess oil and makeup, and then, it’s mask time! Depending on your skin type, choose a deep cleansing or a hydrating mask that will make your skin healthier and glowing while helping your fight with any skin trouble that you might have (such as acne, sensitivity, dryness, spots). After washing off your mask with lukewarm water, calm your skin with a natural toner that has lavender, aloe vera or cucumber extract in it.

Philosophy Purity Mask & For All My Eternity Organic Eye Cream


Strong Hair

We all know how curling iron, straighteners and the freezing weather can damage our hair, so make sure to pamper it at least once a week. Massage a natural, mask gently to your scalp and into your hair and leave it on for a few hours (or even overnight), then wash it off with your favourite shampoo. Don’t forget to wash every single bit of hair mask out of your hair to avoid a grease texture and look. After you are done, spray your hair with a texturizing spray and let it dry.

pamp3Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Hair Treatment




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