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T-shirts come in all styles and forms, whether it be an understated plain white tee or a slogan tee making a statement, whichever it may be it will forever be a wardrobe staple. A simple t-shirt might be essential, dependable and versatile but this doesn’t make it basic. In fact it was only last year when the social significance of the humble T-shirt was highlighted in the T-Shirt: Cult – Culture – Subversion exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum which “explored the garment in the context of its role as the “perfect blank canvas” to express opinions on everything from LGBT rights to climate change”.

With a focus shifting more and more towards sustainability within the fashion industry, we are showcasing some of our top sustainable fashion T-shirt brands who focus on organic, ethical production and classic contemporary designs.

The Ethical Tee

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Hoth & Bothered | The Declan Tee | £55.00

Hoth & Bothered is a line of organic silk and cotton basics for women with a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. With a focus on sustainability and attention to detail in construction, Hoth & Bothered’s fibre and garment production is fair trade certified and the company strives to promote fair and ethical working conditions. Their classic, simple tees are designed with fibres that advocate sustainability, minimising environmental impact without compromising style.

The Recycled Tee

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Ingmarson | Midnight Organic Cotton T-Shirt | £55.00

Ingmarson is an ethical and sustainable brand which uses recycled, organic and vegan materials to create their embroidered tees. By providing fair working conditions and sustainable production processes Ingmarson’s vision is to create high quality, ethically sourced key pieces that will survive trends and will be loved for seasons to come. Beautiful nature inspired t-shirt designs go hand-in-hand with the natural materials and production.

There’s no better way to make a statement than with a slogan tee. Whether it’s making a choice political statement or simply just a quote from your favourite TV show. Slogan t-shirts are a great way to amp up your average tee and make a great talking point.

RCW is London-based brand which unites handmade craftsmanship with empowered feminine style. Start a conversation and show your support of independent fashion labels with this ‘Support Brands Not Celebrities’ tee.

The Slogan Tee

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RCW | White T-Shirt – Support Brands Not Celebrities | £20.00-£27.00

The Retro Tee

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Topshop | Tie Dye T-Shirt | £27.00

Feel nostalgic with a classic 90s staple, the tie-dye tee. Treated tees with acid wash and tie-dye were an essential in any 80s and 90s wardrobe, a classic retro look which is making a comeback in a big way. Now you don’t need to be arms deep in a bucket of dye this time round, Topshop have got you covered with their retro tie-dye t-shirts.

Bring out the inner artist and put it on a t-shirt. Michael Gurhy as a designer is inspired by the figure, fantasy and high fashion which translates into his graphic tees collection. Feel like you are a walking torn out page of a high fashion magazine in one of these graphic art t-shirts. Both artistically aware and environmentally conscious, Gurhy strives to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion design by blurring the lines between the Art and Fashion world.




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The Artsy Tee

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Michael Gurhy | Lost With You White T-Shirt | £40.00

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