Today we had the amazing chance to sit down with Pillow Talk Founder Joanna Montgomery. She has created an amazing technology that keeps loved ones near to each other; even when they are across long distances.

Fun Fact: Joanna was Britain’s Strongest Women 2017

A bit more about what Little Riot has to say: “Today’s digital world is noisy. We’re always face-down in our screens, sending messages, sharing photos, awaiting replies. We’ve become so hyper-connected with each other that we’ve become completely disconnected from the true core of our being.

The most fundamental part of being human is connecting with other humans, and the experience of those interactions. Technology doesn’t let us sit in the same room as someone and enjoy their company, or glance at them, or touch their arm. We started Little Riot because we want to challenge and change the way the world uses technology.  Let’s do better. Let’s build a future where children still play with each other instead of only knowing screens. Let’s create a world where we – and future generations – build products that are mindful and complimentary to human beings and the way we were born to interact. Join us in crafting technology, instead of letting technology shape us”.


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