Robyn’s blog, RobynPoppy has been one of my new go-to fashion blogs and Instagram pages for the past few weeks: it’s effortlessly stylish, honest and shows a side of London that I’ve always loved. From her motivation to her relationship with sustainability, we spoke about all things fashion.


Hi Robyn, it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to the Modafirma team! For some of our readers, who might hear about RobynPoppy for the first time, could you please introduce your blog and tell us a bit more about your motivation behind it?

Hey! Thank you, I’m really excited to join the Modafirma team. I started Robyn Poppy (Poppy is my middle name) back in September 2017 when I was researching fashion blogs for my university dissertation. I figured a great way to find out more about the industry was to get stuck in myself, so I decide to start my own blog! Although I would generally class my blog as a ‘fashion blog’ I tend to cover lifestyle based topics, whilst using fashion imagery. I’ve found that this way I’m creating blog posts which are engaging for my readers, but whilst also getting creative with fashion and showing off my personal style.

On your page, you mention that your style is a mix of “everyday casual and wearable sports luxe” – what has drawn you to the sporty, laid back side of fashion?

Yes I’d say that pretty much sums it up! I’ve also recently started to introduce more ‘pretty’ items into my wardrobe, with florals etc. but will still always had a casual twist to these outfits. I think the biggest thing is I like to be comfortable and I don’t like to feel as though I’m trying too hard. Wearing heels and tight dresses daily just isn’t me and I’m a strong believer that you should experiment until you find your personal style and essentially wear whatever you want, whatever that may be!

Do you have an all-time favourite fashion item (whether it’s a classic black Tee in your wardrobe or a bucket-list designer item)? What is it and how would you style it?

Yes I do! I have this Levi’s bomber jacket which I bought back when I was about 14 and as I haven’t grown that much since it still fits me! I only wear it every now and again but I’d definitely say it’s a classic. It’s one of my ultimate favourite pieces, mainly because of how much I still love it after how long I’ve had it for!


If you could give one shopping advice to the Modafirma customers, what would it be?

Do your research on trends. If the designers, magazines and bloggers are telling you that a certain item or style is a must have this season, assess whether you think it will be around next season as well. Dependent on this, then calculate how much you want to invest in the trend. Basically, don’t waste your money on something you’ll only wear once, and you wouldn’t dare to be seen in when it’s ‘out of fashion’ in 6 months time.

Is there any fashion related moment since you started blogging that you are the most proud of?

I’m not sure if there’s one particular stand out moment but I feel very proud that big name brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and Lancôme have reached out to me to collaborate. I think for a small blogger, it’s amazing to know that brands love the content I’m creating and want to work together!

Do you have a childhood fashion hero/current style obsession who you’d love to work with on an upcoming fashion project?

I think Alexa Chung has always had an amazing and unique sense of style, which I love. It would be pretty great to meet her, let alone work with her!


Modafirma is all about positively stylish and empowering fashion, and we actively support independent and sustainable brands. When did you first meet the term “sustainable fashion”?

I actually did a module on it this year for my final year of university. I was aware of the term before after watching various documentaries on sweatshops and workers rights, but this year I’ve really researched into it as a topic. I actually wrote a blog post back in February titled ‘Do you care where your clothes come from?’ talking about discovering new sustainable fashion brands and how we can all help to do our bit.

Why do you think it’s important for society (fashion brands, creatives and customers all included) to explore more about sustainable and ethical fashion?

I think it’s so important for people to at the very least be aware of the issues we are facing when it comes to clothing manufacturing such as modern slavery and waste pollution. As fast fashion is so big in today’s culture, there is a massive pressure on the industry to produce a mass amount of clothes quickly. As a fashion blogger and individual on a tight budget, it can be really difficult to get the right balance as there is definitely a pressure to buy or promote new clothes regularly. But I think it’s important we all educate ourselves and start to make changes to our buying habits. That’s the only way I think the industry will slowly start to change.   


Is there a specific cause (such as environmental-friendly production, joining the no-fur movement, human right protection in workplaces) about ethical fashion that you are the most interested in?

For me, I will always be anti-fur and I will always feel very passionately about human right protection in work places. But, I think at the moment the topic that I am most interested in is environmental-friendly production, as I think this is an area where there is a lot of change happening. As a topic which I don’t personally feel has been spoke about as much in previous years, now is a really exciting time for brands to start producing more environmentally friendly clothing lines and marketing them with this USP. I also feel that we are in a time where the consumers are listening, they want to get on board and they want to help. They just need more brands to be doing it, to give the element of choice.



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