Independent Fashion Brands

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Caboclo Caboclo began back in 2005 in Barcelona, with the goal to produce beautiful and high-quality leather shoes, working hand in hand with craftsmen from a region called Cariri in northeast of Brazil, a place with a precious artisanal background, a heritage passed through generations.Caboclo is about empowering, pride, dignity and hope, values that we believe feeds the cycle of construction and promotion of regional cultures. Ethical Fashion Acts: Providing fair working conditions, promotes the significance of culture Designer
Carla Lopez Every Carla Lopez handbag is hand-made in Spain, and the brand collaborates closely with Spanish artisans and suppliers who share their philosophy for intimacy and quality in all aspects of product creation. 2012, an encounter between two minds - one overflowing with seemingly inconceivable ideas and the other with the optimism and patience to carry them out - led to the creation of Carla Lopez. From the offset, the pair has always championed originality and bold proposals where design is concerned, which consequently lead them to the handbag as both an accessorial item and a perfect canvas for their artistic creations. A shared affinity for the transformative power of fashion and its apparent ability to instantly reconect people with their senses and emotions drives the creative process. It is that deliberate provocation of initial surprise and curiosity among customers that has propelled Carla Lopez to where it is today. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade in Spain, close collaboration with suppliers and artisans to ensure quality  Designer
Cashmere In Love


Cavalli Class he concept of casual wear meets the timeless elegance of one of the leading luxury brands of the whole world. The CAVALLI CLASS collection contains all the elements that characterise the Cavalli style: femininity, modern and colourful design and harmonious lines give life to a unique and sophisticated product. Store Banner Positive Acts: Supply chain transparency Designer
CBII CBD CBII CBD CBII is a range of premium quality, legally sourced, full spectrum CBD products you can trust. Meticulously crafted to help you to restore balance and rediscover the confidence from within. Sourced from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, unlike many other CBD brands, CBII is a full spectrum CBD oil, meaning it contains terpenes and cannabinoids that result in a high-quality CBD oil. CBII boasts a comprehensive collection of full spectrum CDB products. CDB oil, and the much anticipated CBII CBD supplements and CBD CBII skincare ranges, launching 2020.There are many things that make CBII unique. The result of controlled agricultural and cultivation methods (GACP), meticulous manufacturing practices and extensive scientific testing, CBII sets high standards to ensure you can feel at ease choosing any of our products.   CBDII Banner Designer
CECILIA RINALDI Cecilia Rinaldi is a creative young woman with a rich professional career as a fashion designer, pattern-maker and clothing accessory sampler. She has devoted herself to her handmade vocation, deepening her sartorial and design techniques through creative research and the study of materials and fabrics. Cecilia values collaboration and looks for opportunities to volunteer with other sustainable brands around the globe as a way to increase her knowledge and help spread and support the movement of sustainable and ethical fashion. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade, devoted to creative research to promote the sustainable fashion movement  Designer
Charles & Keith Designer
Chinti & Parker WHO WE ARE For the last decade, Chinti & Parker has been dedicated to creating collections which aim to enliven and invigorate women’s wardrobes with bold colour, timeless cuts and innovative texture. The brand was founded in London by Anna Singh and Rachael Wood; cousins who believe that cleverly designed, exceptionally produced clothing brings effortless style to every occasion. With an inherent understanding of what women feel good in, Anna and Rachael dreamt up a brand with a charmingly playful spirit that holds time-honoured techniques and fine craftsmanship firmly at its core. Chinti & Parker Designer
Chloé Perignon

The history of the brand

Passionate since her childhood by fashion and all she has to offer to women, Chloé Perignon is forged over time, a very specific idea of ​​what she would like to offer the world. Drawing on its multicultural wealth, observing what surrounds it with an aesthetic eye, the young French-Moroccan woman gradually goes, through meetings, with the liking of travel, to build a universe in which every woman is invited to discover the natural elegance it has. At first, she began pharmacy studies that offered her the opportunity to travel and then discovered a world in which woman is a symbol of beauty and where elegance, to its true value, occupies a primordial place; transmitting trust and inspiring respect. It is therefore the heart filled with passion and the spirit filled with ideas that Chloé Perignon creates upon her return, an online store of ready-to-wear women. The flourishing success and ambition, four years later, are the first sketches of a new project. The young designer wants to share with the world his vision of the woman, his taste for fashion and then free from any constraint by creating its Premium line. Chloe Perignon Shop Banner   Ethical Acts: Minimalism, female empowerment, diversity and non-cruelty to animals  
Christina Leonor Christina Leonor was founded 2016 in Milan by Swedish native Christina Eleonor Lindstrom. The brand is defined by Christina’s signature “simple but with an edge” style and attention to details, with an emphasis on luxurious and timeless materials. Christina Leonor’s core-aim is to bring the finest laces and silk to create effortless chic, seductive and unique pieces, that combines Swedish minimalism together with Italian elegance. Christina Leonor’s woman is a strong individual that dresses for herself. She is self-confident with a sophisticated approach. Ethical Fashion Acts: Quality materials, empowering women  Designer
Chrystal and Sage Looking for wild and beautiful gemstone jewellery in 2012, the creator of Crystal and Sage ended up a bit disappointed as there was almost nothing on the German market - this is how the brand's journey begins. Crystal and Sage Jewellery is inspired by everything from Berlin, to nature and colours,meditation, festival life and Aristotle. By using semi-precious stones from South America and high-quality gold plated brass chains produced in Germany, the brand is creating a collection that is intuitive, playful and intrepid at the same time. Designer
CJ SkinHealth   Designer
Claudia Fürst Claudia Fürst was created to merge contemporary style with the demands of commuting to and from work in the city of London and international travel. Claud (as nicknamed by friends) was looking for a stylish, quality-made and functional bag; versatile for travel, day and evening. The first collection featuring the ‘Claudia Fürst Clutch Bag’, a timeless style statement for business and personal use, launched in October 2016.All collections are ‘Made in Italy’ with selected best quality fabrics, leather and fittings. Designer
Claus Tyler Designer Claus Tyler translates the elegance and grace of the Twenties and the Thirties with his creations to date and celebrates the feminine silhouette with precise cuts as well as with special high quality materials. Claus Tyler stands for fashion and design. Since 2010 the fashion-brand with Austrian roots represents timeless and stylish design as well as know-how and competence on the European fashion market. The well-rehearsed and experienced team around designer and creative impresario Claus Tyler embodies concepts "on the spot" and creative implementation of collections and fashion-projects. His work is always focusing on longevity and wearability. The very own interpretation of sustainability, which is as integrated in the brands DNA as well as the connection to Europe and the commitment to regional production. Designer
Click Fashion Click fashion presents clean lines, tailored coats and suits that are perfect for the style conscious professional woman. Shop Banner Positive fashion acts: Made locally to minimise fuel usage and reduce waste, transparency in supply chain Designer

Threading together cultures through craft, Clo de Vila is a celebration of embroidery and community, driven by a desire for authenticity.

Founded by French embroidery extraordinaire Justine Bonenfant, Clo de Vila offers divinely detailed accessories designed in London and hand-embroidered in India by highly-skilled artisans.

After a decade in fashion working on luxury pieces for labels including Dior, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy, Justine realised that ‘Made in Europe’ often translated to ‘partly made in India’ – with the Indian artisans responsible for embellishing exquisite catwalk creations going uncredited. A two-year tenure at a Chennai-based embroidery atelier teeming with talent crystallised Justine’s conviction that the country’s hidden craftsmen deserved real recognition.

Determined to remove the stigma around the Indian connection, Clo de Vila consciously partners with certified workshops that share the same values. The brand seeks to readdress the power imbalance between buyer and supplier by shining a light on the gifted hands working in the shadows and shunning the constraints of the fashion calendar.


Like a curiosity cabinet of treasures discovered at the world’s most fabulous flea market, the Clo de Vila look is eclectic yet expertly curated – combining the time-honoured traditions of Indian artisans with haute couture embroidery techniques and an offbeat sense of humour.

This connecting of worlds echoes the act of embroidery itself. Even in our recent isolation, embroidery is a way to connect to the human touch. Incredibly demanding, it requires patience, time and the full attention of another person. Long used as a medium to tell personal stories, embroidery can be seen as a kind of sewn autograph, a tactile language, demonstrating the magic of one mind communicating messages to another through stitches.

Through thoughtful collections, Clo de Vila aims to honour the heritage and process of Indian craft. In a world of fast-fashion and throwaway trends, the label highlights a slower art form. Absorbing and mindful, and with a repetitive, almost ritualistic quality, hand-embroidery provides the perfect antidote to the relentless pace of modern life – valuing longevity over immediacy.

Nostalgic yet contemporary, romantic yet witty, each piece produces a sense of spontaneous individuality. Like little good-luck charms, these timeless and trans-seasonal embroidered decorations bring new life to favourite garments and interiors, carrying the stories of their makers beyond borders and across generations.

Coach Coach has been one of the most appreciated luxury bag manufacturers in the world for over 70 years. The New York brand founded in 1941, stands out for its innovative design and for the finest materials and high-quality leather used in the creation of unique, elegant and sophisticated bags.The New York-based house of modern luxury lifestyle brands, are proud of their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Their commitment to sustainability is detailed Here Shop Banner Ethical Fashion Acts: Community empowerment, environmental conservation, employee engagement and supply chain stewardship. Designer
Collette Colette is a European based brand focused on high quality sophisticated, tailored pieces. Each item is timeless and perfect for those in favour of a capsule wardrobe. Shop Banner Designer
Coltorti Boutique 80 years’ worth of history and expertise, 3 generations of entrepreneurs, 6 boutiques, 1 online store, 110 brands, 100 employees. These are the numbers behind Coltorti, one of the top Italian multi-brand retailers in luxury fashion. Managed by Maurizio Coltorti, the company has grown exponentially through a network of high-end boutiques and a successful business model. The constant search of new style, a tailor-made approach to clients’ relations and the constant development of internationalization on multiple channels are the key factors of its growth. The refined selection of products from the best brand-names on the market, along with an appropriate style consultancy, form the identity of the company, which has become a reference point in the fashion industry. Coltorti offers a wide range of brands selection for both women and men, such as Prada, Fendi, Valentino, Dior, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Céline, Alexander McQueen, Off-White, Chloé, Maison Margiela, Dolce&Gabbana and many more. Coltorti’s physical boutiques are located in the centre of Italy in Jesi, Ancona, San Benedetto del Tronto, Macerata and Pescara. Since 2010, Coltorti is also present in Miami, United States. independent fashion brands Positive Fashion Acts: Providing a reputable platform for brands to sell Designer
Conquista Contemporary, casual, dressy, edgy - whatever your style is, Conquista has that special something for you. With the motto of making online shopping easier,  Conquista offers various collections of feminine, effortless dresses and tops, loved by customers worldwide. Some garments use tencel which is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics. It is regenerated from wood cellulose and grown sustainably.  Ethical Fashion Acts: Uses sustainable materials Designer
Cut.Le.Crap Products sourced from natural ingredients are going mainstream. The benefits of ingredients derived from natural sources are becoming more apparent. Heavily processed and toxic chemicals used in the beauty care industry are being found out. Yet some products marketed as vegan or natural still contain harmful chemicals that are potentially hazardous for you. That's where cut.le.crap. comes in. We are passionate about using natural skin and body care products. We live and breathe it. Our range has been developed from our own experiences, defining what we believe should make the perfect collection of natural beauty products. They aren't made from any chemicals that are harmful to your body or the environment. You will not find anything nasty from cut.le.crap. independent brands Ethical Beauty Acts: Natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, no chemicals Designer