Based on statistics of The British Fashion Council, Business of Fashion and Accenture, sustainability is going to be one of the biggest focus points for fashion business innovation this year. Besides upcoming, revolutionary fashion brands and big brands trying to reduce their eco footprints, consumers are becoming more aware of fashion ethics as well.

The Future of Fashion?

Being the second most environmentally harmful industry at the moment, the biggest fashion businesses realised the need for a change in their production approach, while more and more brands take the fully sustainable way. Needless to say, supporting sustainability is a better choice for everyone in the long run, but starting the process (whether you are a brand or customer) can seem a bit tricky when there are thousands of brands to choose from.


Be A Conscious Buyer:

Researching The Topic

Being aware of the issues of fast fashion is probably the first and most inspiring step and the main reason more and more people are buying sustainable pieces, focusing on quality rather than quantity. We recommend researching sustainability more and more to be familiar with the consequences of fast fashion, terms such as greenwashing and the differences between sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly – this way, you will also get a clear picture of how you can participate as an individual.

Knowing What You Support

“By supporting ethical fashion businesses you are voting with your wallet. Voting with your wallet is a very real thing that can create change on a large scale.” – this has to be one of our favourite quotes from our ModaEdit interview with Adam, the designer of Triarchy. Learning more about a brand and connecting to their story is another important aspect. Through sustainable, ethical and charitable fashion brands and choosing consciously, you can actively support a cause (whether it’s giving art supplies to local schools, reducing water waste or empowering women’s education) you care about.

Our Conscious Favourites:

images by Sidikai and Nae Vegan


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