When it comes to finding the perfect workwear outfits it is hard to find something that fits all the criteria a woman looks for:

1. Comfort

2. Style

3. Can easily been worn from day to night

I’m guessing you don’t like to go home and change after work just so you can go out with your co-workers for a glass of wine, right? I’m going to let you in on a secret… it’s all about the accessories. Now that it’s winter, invest in a warm and classic coat. You know your outfit underneath is on trend but if you don’t have a coat to match then all the effort goes to waste. All everyone will see is your puffy winter coat, not your amazing style that should be copied by everyone who sees it. Try wearing your classic black dress with a statement bag or colourful shoes. Those are the 3 main items that people will see peeping through that warm and stylish coat that was worth the little bit extra of an investment.

workwear outfits

An amazing thing about well tailored coats which makes them worth your while is that they will last many winters and daily use. The key to finding the perfect coat for you is to look at the stitching. When an item is well made, and time and care is put into the product you can see the physical results. However, this crucial part of clothing production is often neglected in fast fashion. That’s why when you purchase main brands like H&M, New Look or Primark (even though, I’ll admit the price tag is nice) they quickly snag and give you those loose threads hanging off the end of your skirt or sleeve.

How stylish is helping out the environment and other women? The answer: very stylish!

Mary and Marie strive to make their handbags in the most ethical way possible. When using their bags you can know you are supporting the environment and a good cause.

workwear outfits
workwear outfits
workwear outfits

These bags that pair perfectly with your workwear outfits, are made with style and functionality in mind. With a small team of 10, this label’s bags are made from 70% recycled plastic bags that create a durable and long lasting range to choose from. This brand is also committed to fair working conditions and have an all female-led factory. The team is mostly mothers so that they can support their children. By investing in this product you are also helping and investing in a future for a family.

When it comes to workwear outfits we always wear black because it is the easiest option. However, just because you are wearing black doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Jazz it up with culottes or a nicely placed bow. This also ensures that it can easily be worn from the office right to a little evening out with your girls. You don’t even need to wear heels, try a chunky sneaker which will add a pop of colour and edge to your outfit.

Heels can be tricky when it comes to workwear. We all love the way they look but maybe not the way they make our feet feel at the end of the day. When walking around the office the sound of the ‘click-clack’ make you feel more powerful and in control. The Pierre Cardin heels bring a unique elegance to any outfit.

workwear outfits

To ensure your comfort here are a few tips on how to last the day in heels:

  1. Engage your body. Walking in heels isn’t like wearing flats or trainers. You need to use your abs and walk heel-to-toe to stand a chance.
  2. Break them in by wearing thick socks before you wear them out. This will help prevent blisters and pinching.
  3. If you are worried about blisters but don’t want to have plasters all over your feet pop an Anti-Blister Stick from Boots in your bag

Created in Poland, all clothes from Style are created to empower women. They design limited edition, small volume production to ensure your piece is unique.

When wearing a classic cut dress in either black or a bold colour add a blazer and nice heels for the perfect workwear outfits. In order to make it more exciting choose a handbag in red or with a new style and pattern. Don’t you love it when someone likes something you have so much they asked where you got it? Have all eyes on you and your accessories. Sometimes you might not even want to tell them because you want to be independent and unique.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you’ll be the talk of the office that everyone wants to copy! 

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