Independent Fashion Brands

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Ode to Sunday Ode to Sunday is an independent clothing line manufacturing effortless style through socially conscious methods. Lithuanian linen is used for its low-impact production and characterful imperfections. Garments defined by modern strokes and organic silhouettes are constructed entirely by hand by tailors paid fairly. This appreciation for local resources and historic processes, combined with a focus on quality, ethics and wearability builds an investment wardrobe, and helps to sustain a world in which pleasure is found in letting mind and body wander. Ethical Fashion Acts: Ethical working conditions with fair wages, local resources, handmade Designer
Opes Robur Timeless jewellery, pieces you will wear for a lifetime. Beauty in its most simplistic form, Opes Robur creates timeless and unique jewellery, carefully crafted using only the finest materials sourced from around the globe. With an emphasis on bold and industrial styles, many pieces are meticulously crafted using many different components. With its beautiful, standout pieces, Opes Robur has been the chosen brand of many celebrities and public figures from around the world. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handcrafted locally in London, materials sourced around the world    Designer
Oroceo Castro The label Oroceo Castro draws inspiration from all these places that we lived in that are completely different and possess unique cultures. The designers are also crazy about travelling and there's a plethora of fashion inspiration out there! Oroceo Castro gravitates towards a polished yet edgy aesthetic with a passion to explore different silhouettes and other design elements to make things more interesting. Made in Melbourne, Australia. Ethical Fashion Acts: Embracing culture, made in Australia with fair working conditions   Designer
Ox By Olivia Ox by Olivia jewellery truly embodies the versatility of style that all women possess. With each and every piece, Ox by Olivia's mission is to create an intimate experience that expresses beauty, uniqueness and elegance. Identified in three collections: Bohemian Chic, Dainty Classics and Rocker Statements, the brands intricate attention to detail and versatility makes Ox by Olivia jewellery a must have. Ethical Fashion Acts: Provides fair working conditions, handmade   Designer