Independent Fashion Brands

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Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti has enchanted the worlds of fashion and entertainment with his ingenious, elaborate and tirelessly innovative designs. Mixing innocence and rock & roll, refinement with sex appeal and love of craft with a futuristic, boundary pushing aesthetic, every Giuseppe Zanotti shoe is a true original, created using time-honoured artisan techniques that ensure the highest level of quality. Creativity born out of a love of art, music, design, and a dedication to providing women with the most superlative shoes in the world. Image result for giuseppe zanotti Ethical Fashion Acts: Empowering women, time-honoured artisan techniques that ensure the highest quality  Designer
Gotroxx Jewellery & Accessories Gotroxx Bridge and Fashion jewellery pieces are expressions of colour and light by Jacqueline Jones, designer. Jacqueline's pieces range from contemporary and classic to the avant-garde. Gotroxx Jewellery is made of precious and semi-precious gemstones, lamp work beads hand crafted by artisans, pearls, crystal, leather and other organic materials. Most findings are 22k gold vermeil over sterling or sterling silver. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade with organic materials  Designer
Greenpoint Greenpoint is  European brand focused on clean cuts and simple patterns. They outfits are versatile enough for day wear, office and special occasions and preferred by those who prefer casual chic.   Shop Banner     Designer
Guess Guess is the symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. An iconic brand since 1981, loved in particular by women, thanks to a design made out of sensual and glamourous lines, with a vintage design. The sunglasses collection is a real must have for all fashionistas. Guess banner Designer
Guinevere Launcelot Guinevere Launcelot has positioned itself as a pioneering label with the use of high-quality fabric and the most advanced production technique to create great artist designs worldwide. With the launch of the Silk Collections, Guinevere Launcelot takes pride in using luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk and digital printing technology to achieve a deep, vibrant and crisp reproduction of the artwork. Founded in December 2013, Guinevere Launcelot is a concept-art label based in the UK. The concept behind the designs is a harmonious combination of religious imagery and the romance of oriental culture and serene technology innovation. They feature bold patterns, loud colour and structured fits to blur gender divides. Ethical Fashion Acts: 100% Mulberry Silk, advanced production technology to limit waste, blurs the gender divide Designer