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From the 10th of July Brits can now enjoy their holiday sunshine without having to quarantine when returning to England from dozens of countries confirmed by the FCO. The government introduced 59 countries that phase a low risk of COVID-19. The quarantine policy was first introduced in June to protect public health form the infection of COVID-19 disease. However, with some infection rates declining the two week quarantine has been lifted for some travellers when entering their destination as well as retuning to England, although not all of the listed countries have ended their restriction on UK travellers when arriving there.

To make it easer and safer for travellers to get to their destination to their holiday air bridges / corridors have been introduced.

What is the system?

Air bridges /corridors have been introduced allowing UK travellers to get their dose of holiday sunshine.

But what do these mean?

Air bridges / corridors have been designed to make it easier and safer to travel  during the global pandemic. Air bridges are for travelling by plane , air corridors are for travelling by land or sea. Essentially air bridges are an agreement between two countries which allows them to scarp the mandatory quarantine when travelling to one another.

However, these may change as the government says it “will not hesitate” if the COVID-19 infection rises in either of the listed countries or in the UK, and of not all countries have agreed to lift their restriction on UK travellers.

Where can I travel to?

The following countries have been exempted from quarantine rules when arriving into England which has been confirmed by the FCO. However, when arriving to those countries some may still have restrictions for UK travellers. Greece will open its boarders to UK travellers from the 15th of July.

Andorra Faroe Islands Japan Seychelles
Antigua and Barbuda Fiji Liechtenstein South Korea
Aruba Finland Lithuania Spain
Australia France Luxembourg St Barthélemy
Austria French Polynesia Macao (Macau) St Kitts & Nevis
The Bahamas Germany Malta St Lucia
Barbados Greece Mauritius St Pierre and Miquelon
Belgium Greenland Monaco Switzerland
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Grenada Netherlands Taiwan
Croatia Guadeloupe New Caledonia Trinidad & Tobago
Curaçao Hong Kong New Zealand Turkey
Cyprus Hungary Norway Vatican City State
Czech Republic Iceland Poland Vietnam
Denmark Italy Réunion
Dominica Jamaica San Marino

What are the rules?

PPE gear specifically face masks/coverings must be worn at all times and at airports. Before you travel check the requirements for your country and destination on both the FCO website and government website.

EasyJet has restarted a limited number of flights to European destinations, with all passengers and cabin crew told to wear face masks.

Ryanair has reintroduced 40% of its scheduled flights, with mandatory face mask wearing. 

– BBC News

About half the countries and territories on the list have restrictions for arriving UK visitors. These include:

  • Austria requires Britons to self-isolate unless they have a recent medical certificate or test negative for coronavirus on arrival
  • New Zealand has barred almost all foreign travellers from visiting, while Australia requires an exemption visa if you are not a resident or a citizen
  • South Korea imposes a 14-day quarantine
  • Visitors to Iceland can either choose to pay for a test or go into quarantine
  • You are not allowed to enter Cyprus if you have been in the UK in the last 14 days

However, these restrictions may change.

Source and credits : BBC News

air bridges, covid-19, ppe gear, airplane travel, facemark
credits : Unsplash - Camila Perez

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