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2021 has started with a difference. Yes, in most cases we have lockdowns, working from home and the inability to go out and do the things we would normally do. That said, it does not mean that we have to embrace this with a drudgery that lacks style right? Also if you are working from home and constantly on Zoom conference calls you still want to look your best anyhow. With the never ending uncertainty, we believe it is wise to prepare your wardrobe as one that can withstand the sudden changes and ultimately for when the good times return.

In our latest edit, we introduce pieces that not only add value and look good. We’ve discovered the best wardrobe essentials from Ralph Lauren 

Ruffle-Trim Wrap Dress
Ruffle-Trim Wrap Dress | £174.50
Plaid Tie-Neck Blouse
Plaid Tie-Neck Blouse | £160.30
Cotton Jumper Tank Top
Cotton Jumper Tank Top | £87.50
Metallic Down-Filled Jacket
Metallic Down-Filled Jacket | £300
Belted Cotton Shirtdress
Belted Cotton Shirtdress | £67.50
Margery Wide-Leg Jeans
Margery Wide-Leg Jeans | £114.50
Polo Sport Fleece Joggers
Polo Sport Fleece Joggers | £104.30
Belted Denim Shirtdress
Belted Denim Shirtdress | £114.50
Floral-Print Crepe Dress
Floral-Print Crepe Dress | £124.50
Sequined Skinny Trousers
Sequined Skinny Trousers | £174.30
Pebbled Leather Lennox Bag
Pebbled Leather Lennox Bag | £174.50
Floral Satin Skirt
Floral Satin Skirt | £124.50
Floral Georgette Dress
Floral Georgette Dress | £249.50
Ribbed Scoopback One-Piece
Ribbed Scoopback One-Piece | £72.50
Gingham Short-Sleeve Jumper
Gingham Short-Sleeve Jumper | £114.50
Floral Crepe Dress
Floral Crepe Dress |£!24.50
Floral Wrap Dress
Floral Wrap Dress |£174.50
Striped Cotton Shirtdress
Striped Cotton Shirtdress | £87,50
Leather Small Chain Wallet
Leather Small Chain Wallet | £124.50
Floral Satin Dress
Floral Satin Dress | £174.50
Dip-Dyed One-Piece Swimsuit | £72.50
Print Wrap Skirt
Print Wrap Skirt | £299.50
Leather Mini Sloane Satchel
Leather Mini Sloane Satchel | £244.30
Twill Belted Trousers
Twill Belted Trousers | £87.50

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