Now that it is the new year it’s time to clean out your wardrobes and make a little extra money; either to save or to spend on the new trends of the season!

There is often a common misconception that selling clothes online is hard, it isn’t. With just a little effort and no hassle you can turn your old clothes into someone else’s brand new ones. Whether you are simply clearing out space because you are a shopaholic with no self-control or are ready to embrace ‘new year, new you’ these online shops are the best places for selling clothes online.

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ThredUP is one of the most recognised online consignment shops for selling clothes online.

They follow three rules:

  1. Flaw Free
  2. Functional
  3. Fashionable

ThredUP accepts women’s clothing, kids’ clothes, shoes and bags. To sell with them you order a “clean out kit” which you send your clothes in with FREE shipping.

ThredUP will then pay you up to 80% of resale value and all unsellable items are given to charity. If you choose to keep anything that ThredUP rejects, then you pay a £10.99 return shipping fee.

ThredUP gives ease of sale because you simply send your clothes away. If you want to be more in charge of pricing, photos and setting up your own online shop there are other ways for you to do so.


Fun Fact: It is one of the only applications that allows you to sell menswear!

Depop is one of the most popular apps for IOS and Android to sell clothes online.

You start your own online shop which is setup very similarly to Instagram. Once you create your account, write your bio and upload a cute profile pic start uploading pictures and it is as easy as that!

By having your own account buyers and sellers can interact together and maybe even negotiate pricing.

With Depop you pay for shipping but can include it in your selling price. Depop only takes 10% commission unlike most other apps and shops which charge upwards of 15%.  

Depop Tip: The best place for inspiration and tips for selling is their Instagram account @depop!

Buyer’s Tips!


“Find everything but the ordinary”

This online shop is set up very similarly to Amazon but has lower selling fees. When you set up this shop you are given your own booth to upload to which shoppers can follow and be notified anytime you post something new. It also works a little like eBay where you sell for a fixed price and then buyers can negotiate with you.

This online shop is considered one of the best for entrepreneurs to sell clothes online. If you are looking to start your own brand, uploading to Bonanza is beneficial to you because of the low commission fees and wide audience reach.

Bonanza Tip: You can import any existing listings to integrate with Google Shopping so that your clothes selling online appear in Google searches.


If you are an artist or designer looking to sell clothes online or anything handmade this is the perfect place to set up shop for you.

Etsy attracts a wider audience that is looking for something that is not designer or found anywhere on the high street or shop windows.

Etsy shoppers don’t want to be the one dressed and accessorised like everyone else.

Etsy Tip: To rank higher, when shoppers search for an item, network with other Etsy shops. This will boost you to the top of the search list when a consumer looks for an item.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS caters to the typical shopper in their 20’s looking for something on trend, and ultimately, like what they will find in the high street shops.

The ASOS Marketplace might not be the best option unless you are trying to become a professional seller. There is a monthly subscription fee but when you sell you keep 80% of the proceeds.

In order to keep your online clothing shop open you always have to have 20 items up at all times. This may be more difficult if you are just trying to do a clean out of your wardrobe.


Pinterest may not be the best place to sell clothes online but can be used as a tool to help promote your online shops.

With a simple, vertical, and colourful picture you can easily link your online shop so when someone clicks on the post it takes them right to the item that they want to see.

Pinterest is really the second largest search engine for ideas and shopping. Use this to your advantage. You will see a big change resulting in more visitors to you shop.

Pinterest Tip: If you start to use this search engine more to market yourself you can pay to boost your pins to bring you to the top of the search list and onto the trending page

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