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With half-term approaching, we are looking for the best deals to take a break from the gloomy London weather. Looking for the best deals and choosing what holidays to go on can be the hardest part, that’s  why we have rounded up the best deals for the half term holidays, what better way to spend a relaxing break on a golden sandy beach

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1.  Maldives

Credits: sebastian-pena-lambarri
Credits: sebastian-pena-lambarri

From £966

Take a break from the gloomy weather and spend your winter break at the island paradise of the Maldives, the beautiful sandy white beaches of the luxurious Maldives is not one to miss, jump into the clear blue sea and spend your winter here. Other than offering beautiful sights,  you can discover new water sports with many things to try such as kayaking, water skiing, or parasailing and more, or you can enjoy relaxing on the beach soaking in the sun and  enjoy the tranquil surroundings your tropical paradise.


2. New York, USA

New York travel half term
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From £495 

Visit the city that never sleeps, New York has the most diverse options to offer from the food, entertainment, art and culture. New York is a city every traveller should visit and is a foodies heaven with a range of food the city offers, An estimated 60 international cuisines are served in the city’s 23,000 restaurants!.  The city offers so much more things to see sand experience such as visiting the statue of liberty the symbolic icon for political freedom, or feel the hustle and bustle at the iconic Times Square. If you love architecture New York offers some of the best architecture from modern and old, whether you want to see a skyscraper that’s over 1000 feet tall or a church that’s 200 years old, New York has got you covered!

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3. Majorca, Spain 

Half term holiday deals Spain
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From £204

Majorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, known for the beach resorts sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains, offering breathtaking scenery from the white sandy beaches to the mountain ranges and architecture of historic buildings and flower-fields filled with citrus trees. Did you know there are 200 beaches all over the island, with 60 main resorts to choose from? As the island is only 120km long, it means you can enjoy the mountains and beaches on the same day! Majorca is truly a nature lovers paradise.

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4. Phuket, Thailand 

Phuket thailand half term travel deals
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From £623

Phuket in Thailand is a must see, the island offers beautiful scenery with many hills and vantage points to take in the scenery of the white sandy beaches and the turquoise sea. There are many islands that surround Phuket, with some being well known, and others being hidden gems that you can discover on sailing trip. Apart from the scenery, Thai food is no doubt delicious and Phuket offers a range of food from affordable street food to fine dining options.  If Thai food is not your thing, then don’t worry Phuket also has many restaurants and cafes that offer international cuisines.

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5. Rome, Italy  

Rome Italy half term holiday deals
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From £118

Discover the rich acient history and culture of Italy in Rome. Just like you can’t get authentic New York Pizza outside of New York, you really can’t get Roman Pizza outside of Rome. One other great thing about Rome is the small size of the city, which is very convenient as it allows you to visit many places in one day. There are amazing ruins that are still intact from the Roman Empire, like the colosseum, the Forum and Palatine hill and Neros Domus Aurea with so many other hidden gems to visit!

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