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We all are due for a wardrobe change. Now that all fashion weeks are over we have been left with endless fashion trends to use for inspiration in our autumn/winter wardrobe.

Our favourite bloggers, models, editors and stylists graced the streets of Paris, London and Milan with a beautiful new Emerald Green that you have to have. We also saw a new look to statement bags, the comeback of powersuits, vinyl pants and the more daring sheer skirt.

With the new cold weather the shops are putting out the jumpers and we are packing away our shorts until next summer. Continue reading to find the perfect additions to your AW18 wardrobe!

Emerald Green

This gorgeous colour is one of the must-have fashion trends this season. It is the perfect transitional colour from autumn to winter because it isn’t too dark and compliments every skin tone and hair colour. Be bold and wear a whole outfit entirely from this luxurious colour. If you need an outfit that is a bit more subdued find accents such as heels, bags or outerwear.

Statement Bags

Pull your whole outfit together with the perfect accessory. Sometimes this is the make it or break it choice a girl will make, when completing the perfect ensemble. Based on the fashion trends spotted at fashion week choose a bag with a bold colour, pattern or political statement imprinted on the fabric.

The Power Suit

Did someone say 1980’s because the power dressing fashion trends are back and better than ever. When women’s suits were first introduced they were intended to disguise a womans figure so she would be taken seriously in the workplace… it didn’t take long for that to change. Donna Karan decided that a woman didn’t have to dress like a man to gain respect. She wanted women to feel feminine and still be able to run a workplace.

fashion trends

Sheer Skirts

Only the most daring girls are willing to pull off this look. If you are feeling really adventurous pair the skirt with a fun bodysuit or cute underwear. If you still love this trend but tend to dress more modestly, layer over a bodycon dress or high waisted shorts. The perfect pieces to pair with this skirt for a comfortable and casual look are a boyfriend slouchy tee, tights and boots.

fashion trends

Vinyl Trousers

Upgrade your style by replacing your jeans with black vinyl trousers. This is one of the fashion trends that brings an edge to your outfit that will make sure you stand out in a crowd. Dress these trousers up or down by pairing them with biker boots and a boyfriend tee or a fur coat and your favourite pair of heels. Make sure to have your sunglasses on hand to complete the look.

For more fashion trends, styling tips and an inside look at our brands, make sure to check out the rest of Modaedit!


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