Subtle silver or vivid pink, minimalist or gem-stoned, slim necklace or statement ear cuffs – no matter what kind you prefer, every jewelry can add that little sparkle to your outfit that will change your whole look. Although it can be easy to get lost in the maze of these gorgeous fashion accessories, we’ve created a quick guide to help you find your perfect matches!


Comfortable & Stylish – For A Casual Everyday
If you are looking for something chic, practical and fun that could be worn with any casual outfits, go for something more playful, such as a vivid statement necklace or beaded bracelet.  These bold pieces can perfectly spice up an everyday look without making you look too over the top, not to mention they can be mixed & matched in various ways.
Perfect for…
…travelling, casual weekend programs

Wear it with…


Chic & Minimalist – For A Busy Working Day
For business casual occasions, choose something less vivid yet still noticeable and fashion forward. Instead of bright shades, try out pastel shades or silver jewelry that aren’t that daring and outstanding. A delicate bracelet or slim necklace will match your business casual outfit as well, without being too overwhelming, and will make it even more elegant.
Perfect for…
business conferences and meetings, dates


Wear it with…




Elegant & Luxurious – For A Special Occasion
Ensure you own truly outstanding and breathtaking statement pieces for those special occasions that require a bit of elegance and extravagance. Whether you are rocking a little black dress or a chiffon maxi dress, jewelry (especially in these occasions) are absolute must-haves.
Perfect for…
… weddings, fashion shows, parties


 Wear it with…



Mix & Match?
We always encourage our buyers to experiment with clothing items and embrace their personal style – and that is true with jewelry as well. Stack your bracelets, mix luxurious gold with edgy bijoux and go for the unexpected choice sometimes…you won’t regret it!


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