Do you ever find yourself looking through your wardrobe thinking it’s time to go shopping again? Try to elevate the classic staple pieces you already own with a few fun new accessories.

Everyone owns at least one item with the fun, geometric polka dot pattern. In the height of summer, polka dots are the perfect way to be comfortable and fashion-forward. When styled correctly this basic design elevates each outfit with a carefree sense of class and fun.

Try pairing a classic top with chunky patterned earrings for a twist. When choosing what earrings to wear find a focus colour in your top or trousers and make sure to have that in your accent piece. Then any additional colours in the jewellery add a bit of extra personality.

Try matching basic red pom pom earrings from Gotroxx Jewellery with a light blue polka dot blazer, concert tee and denim skirt for a laid back look.

Trend Spotting: Mix and Match Patterns

The trick when putting different patterns together is not necessarily if they match but if the two, or three, work together.

Breezy polka dot summer dresses can be paired with a colorful headscarf. These can be tied around the waist, handbag, or styled into your hair.

Texas and the Artichoke are a London based brand making accessories with high quality materials. These scarves would add a level of eccentricity to any outfit helping you stay one step ahead of the crowd.   

The Summer 2018 Bag: Woven Wicker Bag

Pair a classic off-the-shoulder polka dot top with tiny sunnies and a wicker bag, a must-have item for summer 2018. The woven texture gives an easy care-free chic upgrade to any ensemble.

The “It Bag” from MALU Designs made from wooden and vegan materials is a sustainable staple to have in your closet for any “on-the-go” outfit. 

This bag speaks for itself so match it with classic stackable bracelets and a fun sandal in an exciting new colour.

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Make a Statement

Hats are one of the best ways to showcase your personality and style. Whether you woke up with a bad hair day or simply want to stand out with an air of confidence, Karen Morris Hats accomplish this. Hats can help frame your face and make your look for the day feel more complete. By keeping the hair off your face, go for a bold makeup look to contrast with the breeziness of a polka dot top or sundress.

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Walk the Talk

This summer, despite the heat, doc martin boots have been all the rage. This classic style boot became a must have item to add a bit of grunge to any outfit. If you work in a busy city and travel using public transportation having a fashionable comfy shoe is a must.  

A colourful take on polka dots are the sandals from the positive brand, What Frankie Did Next. By removing unnecessary packaging they eliminate the worry of an ‘environmental footprint’ when wearing their product.

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These handcrafted sandals will add a much needed pop of colour to any outfit. Pair with a breezy summer dress or your favourite pair of shorts. Keep your outfit simple and match the pom pom accessory by attaching one to your bag.  


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