Started in 2016, Style Ignite is a blog all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, founded by sisters Jane and Ruth Flanagan. Besides their minimalist and gorgeous sense of style, they also have professional experience in fashion – while Jane is working as a lingerie designer, Ruth is a fashion manager, working in London. In this interview, we spoke about the girls’ recent collaboration with CHANEL Beauty, how they started Style Ignite and their views on sustainable and ethical fashion.

Hi Jane and Ruth, it’s such a pleasure to welcome you to the Modafirma team! We’ve already met in person briefly, but for some of our readers, who might hear about Style Ignite for the first time, could you please introduce your blog and how it all started?

Style Ignite is a blend of fashion, lifestyle and travel. We came up with the idea of forming a blog on Valentine’s Day 2016…a true love for fashion! We are both very creative, love photography and fashion so it just all came together to form Style Ignite.

You both work in fashion (Jane as a lingerie designer and Ruth as a brand manager). When did you decide to work in the industry and what was your main motivation?

We have always loved fashion and knew from a young age that we would work in this industry. Fashion excites and inspires us.

You write about a mix of things besides fashion: travel, lifestyle and food. Which of these is the closest to your hearts?

Apart from fashion, travel would be the closest to our hearts. We love to explore new places and cultures. Our big trip this year is Bali and we are only counting down the days till we get on that plane.

If you could give one shopping advice to the Modafirma customers, what would it be?

Buy good quality, staple pieces that you can wear from season to season. This is one thing the French women know how to do very well.

Is there any fashion related moment since you started blogging that you are the most proud of?

We are most proud of our recent collaboration with CHANEL Beauty. They are such an iconic brand and we feel very honoured that they asked us to work with them.

Do you have a childhood fashion hero/current style obsession who you’d love to work with on an upcoming fashion project?

Our favourite fashion blogger is Queen of Jetlags. She has great style and her photos are so inspiring and just magical.

Modafirma is all about positive and empowering fashion, and we actively support independent and sustainable brands. When did you first meet the term “sustainable fashion”?

Jane: I am a fashion designer and have been to a few trend shows over the past couple of years. Sustainable fashion is constantly being spoken about at the trend talks. People are becoming more in tune with nature and environmentally aware. They are seeking for long lasting garments that are good quality and are good for the environment.

Why do you think it’s important for people (fashion brands, creatives and customers all included) to explore more about sustainable and ethical fashion?

Fast fashion comes at a huge cost to the environment in terms of water pollution, toxic chemical use and textile waste. We think it’s so important for people to explore sustainable and ethical fashion because we all have to take responsibility for preserving our planet.

Is there a specific cause (such as environmental-friendly production, joining the no-fur movement, human right protection in workplaces) about ethical fashion that you are the most interested in?

We are particularly interested in human right protection in workplaces. The Western world puts immense pressure on their suppliers to reduce their prices which then has a knock on effect to the people in the factories who have to make the clothes. Some of these people are forced to work in terrible conditions and earn so little.

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