Does it fit well? Which sweater looks good with it? Isn’t it too over the top? –these are the usual questions we ask ourselves while trying to wear our favourite leather pants or skirt. Regardless of how feminine, edgy and chic these leather pieces are, they can definitely cause a headache once we try to style them. To create a flawless outfit, try out our four different styling tips and don’t be afraid to experiment with this beautiful, unique material!


Pastel paradise
One of our favourite ways of styling leather is matching it with soft materials and beautiful pastel shades! The mixture of a baby blue shirt or a lavender wool sweater with black leather will create a gorgeous and fashion forward look that is just as perfect for a casual lunch as for a Friday night out.




If you are looking for something more sexy and sultry, mix a leather midi skirt or high waisted pants with silk, velvet or lace! To make sure the outfit is balanced and not too much, always add something more casual to your outfit, such as an oversized cardigan or simple ankle boots.




Pop of colour
Twist your whole look by choosing a burgundy, dark green or gray leather skirt! Although we can usually find leather clothing pieces in the shade of black or dark brown, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you create an exciting and modern outfit.



Leather overdose
Addicted to leather? You can easily add more subtle, leather details to your outfit (such as leather sleeves, shoulder details or lining) to make it more edgy, but don’t forget to mix other materials and colors in there as well before you step out of the door! Save full-leather looks for very special events.




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