At Modafirma we’ve interviewed shansharae, a fashion blogger and stylist, who will be officially launching her own clothing brand this summer. Shan Sharae explores all things fashion related, sharing her passion through her Instagram. In her interview Shan shares some tips on how to be successful in the industry, her thoughts on sustainable fashion, exclusive fashion tips and more.

fashion influencer shansharae

For some of our readers who might hear about you for the first time, could you introduce your Instagram and Youtube, and tell us a bit more about your motivation behind it?

I go by the name @shansharae, that is my name across all platforms. My motivation behind my social media is to express my love for fashion and be a style icon for people.

What is a must-have clothing item everyone should own?

A white top (T-shirt, crop top, a shirt). A white top is a necessity.

Do you have any rules when it comes to putting an outfit together?

3 colours maximum!

fashion influencer shansharae

How would you best describe your style?

My style actually depends on how I feel on that day. I can go from really casual to one day to classy the next. In my world, my style is unpredictable.

At Modafirma we are passionate about independent ethical brands, what are your thoughts on sustainable/ethical fashion?

I had a module in college based on sustainability and my thoughts are that many people are unaware of the behind the scenes of the fashion sector. I feel like more light needs to be shed on what happens behind fashion and the ways we can make it more sustainable.

Do you have a childhood fashion hero/current style inspiration who you’d love to work with on an upcoming fashion project?

Rihanna, I absolutely love it.

You have recently launched a brand, congratulations! can you tell us a bit more of what we can expect?

Yes I have. My clothing brand (sharaebrand) will be launching officially this summer hopefully. My clothing brand is for the boss babes that have fun on the weekend. It represents my style in a way, so I will have different looks to drop.


What would you say some of the challenges are when it comes to being an influencer, and what has been the most rewarding moment for you as an influencer?

I don’t class myself as an influencer. But the hardest part about being an influencer is probably having to deal with people being mean just because they feel like it, but it definitely  has built me into being a stronger person. Rewarding part is being able to collaborate with brands that I used to spend 100s on.

For our readers that may be an aspiring influencer, do you have any advice/tips that you can share that you have learnt?

  • Take good quality pictures
  • Post minimum twice a week
  • Make friends with other aspiring influencers because they will be more willing to take your pics
  • Interact with your audience

What are your goals/ambitions for your Instagram, Youtube and yourself?

I need to be way more consistent than I am. my aim is to be style icon for many people. Express my love for fashion. I want to grow my platform to the point  where they are my main source of income, be a well known and paid fashion stylist and having a worldwide selling clothing brand.


General words of wisdom you live by?

If you can imagine yourself being somewhere, go for it!


All photo credits to ShanShare

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