As a global fashion platform selling thousands of unique creations from feminine midi skirts and crystal necklaces to bold bomber jackets, we believe that besides providing our customers with endless inspiring fashion options, encouraging them to embrace their own styles is one of our duties as well.


The Power of Emerging Designers
While the big fashion houses set huge trends each season to guide fast fashion shops and fashion-lovers all over the world, independent designers bring something new and fresh to the fashion scene: with their truly unique and exceptional visions and new techniques, emerging designers create clothing items, accessories and jewelry that have crazy stories behind them. What really special about these designs are that they were designed by creative individuals who studied fashion in various places, experienced different cultures and have endless stories to tell with each piece. Supporting small business is not only a smart choice economically, but is also a great way to help these fashion brands spread the word and gain more exposure in the wonderland of fashion – and to actually take part in the process, Modafirma proudly supports every designer who has something new and exciting to say with their amazing creations, regardless of location and style.

People Will Stare – Make It Worth Their While
We love giving fashion advice and styling tips, but we can’t emphasize the importance of having fun with fashion! With such an everyday art form, people have the opportunity to express themselves without using words, to be confident and happy with themselves and to experiment with clothes until they find their own style. At Modafirma, we all love playing with different colours, designs, fabrics and styles, and one of our biggest aim besides supporting fashion designers is to help our readers and customers have fun with fashion.



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