We caught up with designer Diana, the creative mind behind Lily Flo Jewellery! Check out our interview below where we speak about Diana’s creative background, her plans for Lily Flo Jewellery and why she believes we should ‘Buy what makes your heart sing, even if it’s more than you wanted to spend!’

Give us a little insight into your creative background.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been crafty, resourceful and creative.
As a child my mother was obsessed about Rembrandt and Dali and would always be
designing, sewing and drawing. I would design and paint, which led to a passion about
Art History, with particular love of Ancient Greece. My happy obsession absorbed me
through school, university and my Masters in Ancient Art lecturing at the British Museum.
I then worked as a global advertising strategist for luxury brands while doing many
creative evening courses from Graphic to Interior Design and my husband and I have
loved and enjoy collecting modern art.

I came to a cross roads in advertising when I started to feel unfulfilled marketing other
people’s brands and wanted to create my own. My passion for the detail, for heritage and
modern innovation drew me to jewellery, where I am still influenced by Ancient Greek,
Roman and Egyptian art while inspired by the wonders of the natural world and travel
with my talent for understanding real insights into what women want from style and
I am blending all of these interests into my designs and ambition to be a class fine
jeweller keeping ancient crafts alive, while creating a relevant brand through
understanding consumer behaviour and digital marketing about women’s style and

If you could collaborate with any designer/artist, who would it be and why?
One of the key things that I love to do is collaborate. We feel it is a vital part of the
brand’s DNA to evolve and work with stylists, designers, photographers, bloggers. I
particularly love working with fashion designers and have made a capsule collection for
The Royal College of Dance, British couturier Holly Jade O’Leary ‘Joie De Vivre’ and am
working with Australian brand Jacinta Raquel. I love working towards a brief, the style
and occasion of the outfit – it makes designing the collection much easier as I echo the
key shapes and complement the colour pallette. In the future, I’m a big fan of Donna
Karen, Zimmermann, Delpozo, Chloe as well as Maje, Sandro… feminine, experimental
and stylish brands.

What is the essence of your label?

It’s very interesting as I was working full time when I started our label and I was very much designing for
the powerful career woman. I was designing jewellery that could take her from dawn to dusk, for all the
facets of a busy woman’s life, from the school run, work meetings, to cocktails with friends. The jewellery

that I wanted that couldn’t find. I wanted to provide informal, feminine, fun jewellery that was genuinely
inspiring. Jewellery that makes her feel strong and confident to live and fulfil her dreams.
Then last year, after showcasing at London, Shanghai and Beijing Fashion Weeks to great success and
feeling like my brand had touched something and was on the right track, I made the plunge and now my
brand is my life and I do this full time. The essence of the label has been refined and finessed.
I wanted to create beautiful handmade jewellery that had the potential to go on to have global success. In
the transition from using suppliers to bringing the creation and production all in-house in order to control
the quality, to create a distinctive house style and to ensure the creation of an ethical, responsible brand
with the right source materials (Eco and Fairtrade Gold and Silver, responsibly sourced gemstones and
conflict-free diamonds), my target customer and the essence of the label has changed.
I am much more compassionate about the position in the market that we are aiming for. I want to be a
credible fine jewellery brand. A brand that is created to be ethical, responsible and moral, that creates
contemporary, informal fine jewellery that makes women feel incredible, where-ever they go and whatever
they do. These are self treats for women who want to feel amazing.

How would you describe your personal style? What’s next on your clothes/ shoe/ bag
wish list?

I don’t love super smart and I just don’t do super casual. I am somewhere in between. I
believe in buying the best you can afford, and softness against the skin and comfortable
to allow for movement. I love soft fabrics like cashmere, silk and linen, and is getting
more confident, free and feminine as I get older. I am obsessing about Zimmerman, Self
Portrait and Chloe at the moment for formal and Tart Collections, Elizabeth and James
and Norma Kamali for everyday.. And I’m in love with Sam Edelman as they are the most
comfortable shoes I’ve ever bought.. As well as my FlyKnit Nike’s!

What is one fashion advice you would give to Modafirma customers?
Buy what makes your heart sing, even if it’s more than you wanted to spend. It means
that every time you put it on it makes you smile, it makes your body shine.. It makes you
feel wonderful. Then you’ll want to feel that over and over again.. And then you get great
return for your money!

Who is your customer?
My woman is real. She is fashionable and stylish, but not avant garde or a follower of
fashion. She understands that there are threads of style that flow through seasons, and
she wants longevity in the things she buys. She doesn’t want stuff, she wants ‘friends’,
like her favourite Biker and jeans that are her like her second skin, like the beautiful
floaty dress that makes her feel all girly and the tight LBD that makes her feel like she
could rock anything. She understands the components of classic style, as well as the
under-current of taste and trend and is intelligent enough to make her own twist to
create a real personal style. She is an emotional dresser and there are different facets to
her style depending on mood and occasion. Jewellery acts as the essential basics, she
feels naked without it, but it can also finesse an outfit.

What has been your most memorable success to date?
There have been a lot, from designing my first collection, my first sales, my first stockist,
my first couture show, my first photo shoot and blogger collaboration. I am grateful and
humbled by everything and everyday there is a new something that I am aiming for.

What are the key images you want to portray when people see or hear your brand

I want people to think that our brand remembers our own distinctive style that is cool and
relevant to stylish women. I want us to be the brand that intelligent women wear and
come back to knowing that we only use solid gold and silver, and are handmade ethically
made in London.

Modafirma celebrates and welcomes new fashion and emerging talent; tell us why
you decided to join our exclusive social fashion platform?

As an emerging brand, credibility, association and position are vital to help portray the
brand that I want to continue to create. Where I sell is as important as the brand and
product itself. It says a lot about the label and the position in the market I want to be.
Modafirma is a fashion based platform and I believe in our jewellery not living in a bubble
but being part of an outfit, while many jewellery designers create because they enjoy the
process and their own style, but that doesn’t always make it relevant to style. I am very
style-centric and to be on platforms that are focused on this is vital.
We are still a baby brand and we need to grow slowing and solidly to achieve our goals, so being on a
platform that respects and supports that is very very refreshing

Where do you see your label in 5 years?
International success. Acclaimed and credible as a contemporary fine jeweller still made
in London.


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