Besides the amazing clothing items and accessories Modafirma offers, we also carry a wide range of handbags from simple and practical black tote bags to beaded statement pieces. Not sure how to start building your own bag collection or which one to wear for a special occasion? Keep on reading!


Everyday Essentials
We all need a neutral coloured (such as beige, brown, white, grey or black) bag which is practical, comfortable and large enough to throw our daily essentials in it. To find a perfect bag for the busy everydays, look for a tote, shoulder bag or backpack with adjustable straps, which will allow different ways of carrying it.
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Patterned Wonderland
Printed bags instantly add a playful and fun vibe to your outfit, not to mention they are great if you are looking for something personalized that can clearly express your style. At Modafirma, we currently offer an endless variety of patterned handbags and accessories, making sure every fashion-lover finds the one that matches her style the most.
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Classy Clutches
Another essential is a smaller, elegant clutch which is ideal for any special occasion from date nights to weddings and award shows. Before selecting your go-to clutch, take a look at your wardrobe’s (especially at the more elegant pieces) main colours and choose your clutch accordingly, making sure it will fit your outfits.
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Edgy & Brave
Besides the classics, a more „wild” bag is also a must-have piece in everyone’s closet! Whether it is a metallic bag or a minimalist, geometric shaped clutch, these bold bags are perfect for making a statement and taking your look to the next level!
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