Designer interviews are the perfect opportunity to get closer to a brand and designer and learn more about their inspirations, motivations and design. This time, we’ve chatted with Beso Turazashvili, the founder and creative director of Portnoy Beso Moscow, who told us how he started his career and where he imagines himself years from now.


Q. Give us a little insight into your creative background.

My first step into fashion industry was made in New York when I started working with Stella McCartney while still being a student at New York University. Back then I was involved in PR and Marketing, which gave me a taste of the industry but I always wanted to make and create my own fashion. Then I moved to Dubai, UAE where you can find basically anything but ladies are always looking for something new, fresh and classy – people are tired by big brands since most of my clients had full collections of most of brands available in their wardrobes.


Q. What/who was your influence when you started your own label?

I’ve been inspired by my mom’s creations since childhood in post–soviet Russia where it was very hard to find interesting outfits. She was creating unique looks for herself and her friends.


Q. What have been your key inspirations for your design and concepts?

I left home quite earlier still being a teenager and travelled for studies and then work quite much ­– Italy, US, Argentina, UK, United Arab Emirates. In each place I was inspired by local traditions and taste that was defined by very specific things like culture, nature, cuisine etc. In each of my looks I try to define the specific thing that inspired me to create it but, of course, since I create fashion in the 21st century most of my dresses can be worn anywhere in the world – globalization has done it job, we like similar things and tastes start mixing creating a very special phenomenon.


Q. What is the essence of your label?

We at Portnoy Beso Moscow create luxury evening gowns for a self-confident and modern lady. She has achieved a lot but is never stopping. She combines the gentle femininity with powerful presence. The brand is aiming to become a destination for the world’s most discerning men and women, representing contemporary glamour and establishing Made in Russia craftsmanship as a global couture benchmark.


Q. Why does your fashion label stand out in this competitive industry?

I try to bring back one thing that used to be very precious and has been forgotten recently – the art of tailoring and the feeling of having a personal tailor. “Portnoy” from Russian means “a tailor”.


luxury stairway

Q. Are there enough opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their designs and enter this competitive industry?

I think it’s a great timing for independent designers since we live in the world of social media and fast moving trends. Yes, we still need to approach people and media, make connections but it has become much easier to showcase your work and attract the audience if you have a right business and marketing strategy, which can be done from your personal laptop at early stages.


Q. Who is your ideal customer?

We diversify our products since I want Portnoy Beso to be available to different types of customers. We create couture as well as ready to wear. The thing that unifies all our customers is their passion for fashion and life. One cannot exist without the other in the modern world. If you want to be successful you need to know and show your taste, which can be done by your looks.


Q. Have you any plans to collaborate with other labels or brands?

I do. We are talking to 2 different brands who create jewelry and shoes to have a collaboration for our next season show.
Hall in a palace


Q. What has been your most memorable success to date?

We started only in October of 2015 since I moved to Moscow in summer. In this short period we managed to create 2 collections, 2 quite strong campaigns and had publications with some of Russia’s most influential ladies in international magazines. There is much more to come and I invite you all to become friends with us and follow our art and craftsmanship.


Q. What has been the most challenging stage when bringing your fashion label into the industry?

Starting a brand in a market where I knew literally nobody was quite hard. I had to approach people through social media, sometimes I had to be annoying and get to talk to them. I was so lucky to have a team of designers, tailors and marketing people who have been helping me since day 1. I believe it’s our team’s effort that is moving us forward and as usually I don’t like using the word “I” while talking about Portnoy Beso.


Q. What is your fashion label’s signature style?

We combine different styles depending on the market and customers. However, I can say that all our dresses are classy and have fine shapes. I want my team to use only natural textile (we mainly use silk) and natural colors. I’m passionate about architecture and you might have noticed how it has influenced our designs. I try to show all the benefits of the female body using the right shapes. I think it’s wrong trying to hide imperfections, just try to show the beautiful side and you will be the queen of the night.


Q. What are the key images you want to portray when people see or hear your brand name?

Fine shapes, femininity, smart and rich look.



Q. Modafirma celebrates and welcomes new fashion and emerging talent; tell us why you decided to join our exclusive social fashion platform?

I’m always happy to collaborate with any platforms if they have a vision. It does not matter how big they are – as long as there is a strong taste and style, I will go with it.


Q. What is your hope for the future of the label?

I hope we can grow bigger and enter the new markets. Right now we are working on the US market where I see a big potential and there already are some paths that I have to choose to go forward.


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