Designer interviews are the perfect opportunity to get closer to a brand and designer and learn more about their inspirations, motivations and design. This time, we’ve chatted with Anastasiia Ivanova, who told us how she started her career and where she imagines herself years from now.


Give us a little insight into your creative background.


I opened my first Atelier at 20 years old. Currently, I create 4 collections for Pret-a-Porter in a year.  I graduated from the most prestigious school of design in the world – Instituto Marangoni Paris, and also from the famous Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Today brand Anastasiia Ivanova has been recognized all over the world. My collections were presented at the leading international exhibitions: White Milano (Milan), Who’s Next (Paris), RoomsLINK (Tokyo) and Coterie (New York), my fashion shows were held in Chicago and Los Angeles.  Also I am a regular participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week and Kazakhstan Fashion Week.


What/who was your influence when you started your own label?


First of all, it was a desire to create beauty and beautiful clothes for the people around me. Being designer is my calling, I felt it from childhood and I’m thankful my destiny because I have always known about my true purpose, give all my time for it, developing in this area. My interests and hobby I turned to the craft and the meaning of my life. I’m constantly learning, developing, and concerning to my case with great love, considering it as work of my life.


What have been your key inspirations for your design and concepts?


It’s the beauty of the surrounding world, the nature which I wanted to show in my clothes. From the beginning my inspiration has always been the beauty and the desire to give it to others. Until now, I am inspired by just that.

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What is the essence of your label?


I always put a special meaning in my collections. Each of my creation is filled with a special philosophy, which has the main idea – easy, positive thoughts, true beauty. Also the color philosophy has particular importance in my clothes. And, of course, the main highlight of my brand that I create only feminine dresses and skirts. You’ll never set no pants in my collections, and also in my wardrobe.


Why does your fashion label stand out in this competitive industry?


I am sure: The key to a successful fashion brand is the ability to see and to feel all the facets and the development of the fashion-industry in the current environment. Now the world is changing so rapidly that using methods of predecessors became irrelevant. The fashion world is not standing still and is constantly changing and the competitive advantage that was true yesterday, today has no value. But in any case, a designer who wants to be successful, must have its own flavor, to be unique, to stand out amongst the others. The highlight of my brand, for example, is my philosophy.


Are there enough opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their designs and enter this competitive industry?


Constantly attending Fashion Weeks and fashion exhibitions in different countries, I have noticed an interest in the young novice designers. They are supported, helped to develop but of course, everything depends on them. If a designer wants to be competitive, he or she must continually learn a lot.


Who is your ideal customer?


Owners of dresses by Anastasiia Ivanova are modern, purposeful women who are able to highlight its beauty. They love the life and know how to find the real beauty and harmony in it. They have the perfect taste, refined manners and they are worthy of the lofty title of true Women.


Have you any plans to collaborate with other labels or brands?


New ideas are always interesting, but it is too early to say about it.


What has been your most memorable success to date?


Every show of my collection at Fashion Week or other fashion-event is always very responsible. But every time it is hit, another step towards my aim. I am pleased that last summer my collections were presented at the fashion show in Chicago and Los Angeles, so now I’m focused on the American fashion market.



What has been the most challenging stage when bringing your fashion label into the industry?


In any case, the most important thing is starting. Before then,  launching  a clothing line, I learned a lot, tried to know the world of the fashion industry, consulted with experts. All designers are advised to do the same. They have to find in this profession themselves. To create a unique message with which you want to enter the fashion-market. You need to have that same zest that will attract attention to you.


What is your fashion label’s signature style?


It’s no secret that there are always only dresses in my collections. They reveal our feminine nature, the energy in full force. It’s the philosophy I always pass through my outfits. I put my heart and soul in the collections, I pick only natural fabrics, and also pay special attention to the quality of the dress inside out – it is worn close to the body and a real soul of any outfit.


What are the key images you want to portray when people see or hear your brand name?


Beauty and Femininity at their best. I always come up with love to creating my costumes, investing whole soul in them. I think that it’s felt. For me it’s very important the power of clothing..


How would you describe your personal style?


For many years, I only wore clothes from my own brand, being its face. I think that designer should do so, otherwise how can he create clothes for other people? So in my wardrobe, as well as in my collections there are beautiful feminine things with good energy created from natural fabrics.

 Anastasiia Ivanova fashion show spring summer 2016 (42)

Modafirma celebrates and welcomes new fashion and emerging talent; tell us why you decided to join our exclusive social fashion platform?


I’m always glad to make new acquaintances that give new emotions and knowledge. Glad to communicate with colleagues, share experiences, learn something new. I am also pleased to inform of my creativity to a large number of people.


What is your hope for the future of the label?


Now the main direction of development of my brand is American fashion-market. I can say that I have already managed to spend a lot of preparatory work to enter the American fashion-market. Clothes from Anastasiia Ivanova are already sold there, so my nearest plan is opening showroom in USA.


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