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Allison Soro X Modafirma Interview | Fashion Influencer

We’ve interviewed Allison Soro, a fashion influencer and a brand owner who has recently launched her own Signature Chokers line. In 2018 she was named by Forbes France as a nano/micro influencer with potential and has recently been nominated at the Worlds Blogger Awards 2020. Allison has turned her passion for blogging and fashion into her full-time career path, sharing fashion related content on her instagram.  We dive into topics from fashion to entrepreneurship. Allison shares some tips on how to be successful in the industry, her thoughts on sustainable fashion, misconceptions about influencers and more.
Allison Soro Influencer interview

What were you doing before you became a blogger and influencer, and what inspired you to embark on a career in this field?

I studied Business Administration and Digital Marketing strategy in two different universities between the principality of Monaco and London then worked for media companies such as SKY UK, TEDxMontecarlo, the Italian press… on the digital marketing side. I always had a passion for fashion and the digital world, but this was not a path I have chose to undertake it all happened without “trying hard”. I always had in mind to have my own businesses and being able to share my journey it certainly my biggest inspiration. I hope I can help young ladies to stay motivated and work hard on what they would love to obtain in life.

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?

I think everyone should ask themselves when purchasing a new item: do I really need this and how can it potentially have a negative impact of production on the other hand it is up to brands too to keep a good reputation on their business and be considerate of humanity and the environment.

What is your go to outfit?

I always go for girly outfits, and I am also boots obsessed so I would say: dress, boots and some nice accessories. I think adding accessories will always make your outfit look amazing

Allison Soro influencer

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Yes, think of where you going then decide what makes you feel more confident and be yourself.

From being an influencer to having your own jewellery line, what led you to your journey into entrepreneurship?

I had a good educational background and I also read a lot of business books since I feel no matter the amount of the experience we will never know enough on a subject, I like to learn and interact with like minded people. I wanted to create something that made it feel like me , my person and so I did. I love it! The challenges, the power of having something that belongs to me and that is created following my schemes and style. I am the type of person that if I want something I go and get it, and if the road is hard then I would not give up easily until I am at destination

For any of our readers that may be an aspiring influencer and want to get into the world of fashion blogging, do you have any tips on what it takes to become a successful influencer?

On a personal point of view :

Stay with your feet on the ground do not let your little or big successes get to your head, be prepared for a lot of critics ( not everyone will love you when you become a public figure, also some of the people you know).

On a work point of view:

Understand what type of content your followers react more positively to so you can recreate something similar over again to keep your fans engaged, be open to gifting opportunities especially at the beginning of your career, learn where to invest to grow your business – money coming in should be greater than money going out , stay consistent, be creative and have a good team beside you.

Allison Soro

What would you say has been the highlight of your influencer career journey so far?

I love challenges and every year I like to have a different highlight that makes a mark on my career journey , this year so far is being nominated to the World Blogger Awards which will take part in London in September.

Where do you find inspiration when it comes to designing your jewellery?

No one else, but me. When you are creating your brand, you cannot look around – unless it is to fight the competitors.

There can be some misconception about influencers, what are the most common misconceptions about what you do?

That we do nothing all day , we make money to stay on the phone, we only care about aesthetics and bla bla bla honestly these judgements come from people close minded people that know nothing about this business and probably they are not happy in their lives. My business partners and the brands I work with are always happy about my work ethic more than anything else. We do not live to make others happy anyways.

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your followers are receptive to sponsored content?

When it comes to beauty products the brands I choose to work with contain natural and organic ingreditiens. I do not want to sponsor something that does not fit with my image, so I make sure It really works first, so I test it a good 2 weeks or month. When it comes to fashion then it needs to be my style otherwise there is no point on advertising something that does not belong with my person.


General words of wisdom you live by?

  • One day is worth two tomorrows
  • Starve your distractions, feed your focus
Allison Soro interview