Independent Fashion Brands

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Nae Vegan Ethical Fashion Acts: Vegan, fair and animal-friendly alternative, natural and ecological materials  Designer
Nathnit Nathnit is the brand of Natxa Gonzalez, designer and artisan. Nathnit’s pieces are designed and make of her study – workshop in the center of Valencia, Spain. She works principally with silver and natural materials, and she is constantly experimenting and investigating with new materials that could reduce her environmental impact and which are recyclable or recycled. Nathnit’s designs have their origin in the passions of the mother of Natxa: art, history and travel around the globe. This passions made them go from museum to museum, exhibitions and a constant learning of history and art, and the meaning behind every image, sculpture and architectural marvel. All these educations, curiosity and passion marked them with ideas and images that take form in her designs and her meanings. Love for the decorative arts from the Arts & Craft, the Art nouveau and the Art Deco, the ergonomics, the proportions and a bit of love for the calculations, that’s what give form to the designs. In Nathnit we work mainly with silver, brass and natural materials. All the materials we use came from local suppliers or from the European Union because we defend a way of working respectful with the environment and proximity. We keep constantly experimenting and researching with new materials that can reduce their environmental impact and which are recyclable or recycled. We also seek for packaging with less environmental impact and we try our best to arrive to the 0 waste. For us, the most important is the piece, so we avoid excess of packaging, to be as consistent as possible with an environmental and minimalist thinking. independent fashion brands Ethical Fashion Acts: Working towards being a 0 waste company Designer
Nife Nife is a contemporary and modern brand that epitomises chic, cosmopolitan and feminine style. The brand depicts classic cuts that can be readily accessorised and workwear and nights out. All items are manufactured locally in Poland. Nife Shop Banner Positive acts: Local production. Designer
Nina and the wolf There is a bit of Nina in each one of us, and we are all a little bit of the Wolf. The most amazing thing you can do is to be, every single morning, your unpredictable self and choose whether you feel more like the dreamy Nina or like the mysterious Wolf.” Nina and The Wolf is the newest lingerie and loungewear boutique-brand that wants to change the way women think about lingerie. Nina and The Wolf was born from the idea of Gaia and Marta who decided to carefully mix the quirkiness in the designs inspired by our time in the UK and the excellence of the manufactures of our home country – Italy - giving to this fabulous Swiss brand a truly international vibe! Ethical Fashion Acts: Made in Italy, empowering women, "We want to embrace all the sides a woman could have…" Designer
Nina Hauzer Nina Hauzer creates top quality leather bags and shoes with a retro-minimalist point of view, honoring the past but with a look to the future. Luxury leather shapes and colors to feed your senses beautifully made in Spain. A project created by Erika Stiglitz to honor her two grandmothers: Nina Zumpf and Ethel Hauzer. Nina Hauzer combines fashion, literature and art to enhance the power of stories and objects in our life. Nina Zumpf was a girl from Poland, after escaping from the 2nd World War Holocaust and the Russian Gulags in Siberia, she managed to survive to tell her memories of bravery to the world. She believes in the power of stories. Ethel Hauzer was raised in her grandmother’s seamstress workshop where all the women of the family used to sew, from generation to generation, for the most important stores in the city. She is also a musician and a free spirit woman. She believes in the power of fashion and self-expression. Erika Stiglitz, their granddaughter, after 10 years of working as a graphic designer, fashion consultant and managing her own Concept store in her native Uruguay, created Nina Hauzer, a project that honors the power of stories inspired by her grandmothers. From the combination of their names and spirits, Nina Hauzer was born. With the conviction of finding the finest artisans for her most special and unique leather goods, she moved to Spain where Nina Hauzer is now based, Every style, every campaign is based on a story she writes with Nina and Ethel’s inspiration. We believe in the power of stories. This is ours, let’s write yours. independent fashion brands Positive Fashion Acts: Embracing the power of fashion and passing on tradition through the celebration of heritage and tradition. Designer
Nina Rai Couture The NINA RAI COUTURE Collections are a distinct range of luxury head jewellery of fine artistry and craftsmanship. Exquisite Swarovski crystal headpieces of distinct style and elegance. Nina Rai is a particular type of talent, rare and intuitive, a visionary in the art of making the most impossibly beautiful pieces that stand out in style. A creative in the truest sense of the word, with a background in the Arts and a self trained Milliner, her long held fascination with adornment and driven by an innate passion for creating beauty has lead her into the world of Millinery. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handcrafted, quality materials  Designer