Independent Fashion Brands

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Lanti Lanti is a an versatile yet stylish brand that encompasses sophisticated cuts, subtle patterns and clean lines. This brand adapts well for work wear or a night out on the town. Shop Front Banner Positive Fashion Acts: Made locally in Europe, provides fair working conditions.  Designer
LATELITA British brand LÁTELITA London fuse Eastern influences with contemporary European design to create unique, intricate & elegant jewellery. Created in 2012, LÁTELITA London has rapidly grown into a widely recognised and established brand, spotted on countless celebrities and gracing the pages of glossy magazines. Inspired by their heritage and global travels, the truly autobiographical collections incorporate ancient motifs and carefully sourced semi-precious natural stones with exceptional colour and character. Ethical Fashion Acts: Inspired by heritage and culture, incorporates carefully sourced semi-precious natural stones  Designer
Laura Biagiotti Laura Biagiotti was born in Rome, Italy, in 1943. She graduated in archeology from Rome University, but decided that she preferred a career in fashion designing. She first joined her mother's small clothing company but left in 1965 to set up her own design shop in Florence with partner Gianni Cigna whom she subsequently married Their firm manufactured and exported clothing for the eminent Italian fashion designers Roberto Capucci and Emilio Schuberth. They also had a deal to make ready-to-wear clothes for well-known house of Angelo Tarlazzi. Ethical Fashion Acts: Made and produced in Italy    Designer
Lavandière de Provence


Lavandière de Provence is a cosmetics-lifestyle brand based in Marseille. Created in 2015 by Jeanette Borgstrom, Swedish, in love with France and its art of living and Cyril Gombert, Marseille, biologist and expert in sustainable development. Together, they created a cosmetics-lifestyle brand that looks like them, chic and modern but also committed to respecting Nature. Lavandière de Provence has bet on the marriage of French elegance with Provençal nature, to offer its customers designer products, quality and low impact on the environment. The brand proves that chic does not forbid ethics and that respect for Nature is not an obstacle to the creation of high-end products. Lavandière de Provence offers 2 ranges of wellness products, the Cubic Line, a designer and scented range for the interior and the Body Line, dedicated to the body. Tracing its path, Lavandière de Provence is today considered an authentic luxury brand, with high quality products, with meticulous finish, and offered at their fair price. It continues to advance by developing new products and processes to satisfy the desires of its demanding customers while still further reducing its impact on the environment. LAVANDIÈRE DE PROVENCE .
Lavinia Cardar Lavinia Cadar loves everything beautiful, unusual and innovative, and enjoy creating bold visual statements through my work. The brand uses every kind of technique or skill when developing a collection, be it laser cutting, digital printing, innovative tailoring and draping or new materials and color combinations. Their style is reflected throughout my projects, and it comes out as being playful, geometric, colourful and a bit elegant too.< Designer
Leam Born in 2003, Leam Limited store is set on a former garage space and it is solely focused on shoes designs, preferring a style that is always understated and constantly updated. To date, LEAM stores extend over a total area of 2000 square meters, In the realm of online shopping, Leam is one of the finest destinations for Luxury Fashion Leam Banner Positive Acts: Gender Diversity Designer
Lily Flo Jewellery London based designer, Diana Sherling has always had a passion for history, art and craft and just simply doing good. In 2015, Diana left her high flying career in advertising to follow her dream of starting her own business to design and make ethical fine jewellery and her brand flourishes year on year.   Her core belief is that beauty is found in between disciplines. Her constant learning and breadth of passion in art, history, culture, craft, music and philosophy inspire her to create jewellery that is inspired by 'where disciplines merge’. Whilst her passion for the environment drives her sustainable independent business where all her materials are sustainable, responsible or up cycled, all her jewellery is designed and made in house by her team of artisan goldsmiths with production processes that are green and eco and she works directly with diamond and gemstone families around the world sourcing the very best stones but also supporting local communities. ​ Designed for the modern woman, who's world never stop changing, Diana creates inherently feminine jewellery, celebrating the inner beauty and strength of women. Versatile, unique and contemporary pieces that allow her customers to enhance their inner confidence and express their individual style. Lilyflo Banner   Designer
Limani London Limani London was established as a jewellery business in 2012, all the ideas of the business sparkled from an actual dream.  As a business we have always invested in the highest quality of sterling silver jewellery and precious stones. we stock jewellery from the four corners of the world Bangkok, Hong Kong, Turkey and the UK Hatton Garden.   Limani shop Banner     Positive fashion acts: Handcrafted, supports local communities Designer
LUSASUL A mix of stories, philosophy, literature, imagery that represents beauty for us. Jewels are biographical objects we value the conventional with a touch of extraordinary and we find inspiring that in a world imbued with pragmatism, science and too much reality we still get attached to special objects. The Lusasul team is always creating and experimenting in their workshop located in the town of Taxco de Alarcón, in Mexico City where they work alongside other creators. Lusasul becomes a narrative of how traditions flirt with a variety of technologies and in which way this is contributing to present our own craftsmanship tale. Lusasul Banner Ethical Fashion Acts: Provides positive working conditions, embracing tradition and culture Designer
Luxury and Me At Luxury and Me we love luxury, and  believe luxury means different things to different people. Luxury also doesn’t have to be expensive and should be enjoyed by everyone. (I am not alone in this line of thought!) “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” Oscar de la Renta We hand-pick luxury products from 1000’s of manufacturers worldwide, and beautifully place them all in one place for you. Enjoy your shopping experience as you browse through cool and trendy designs from around the world. Whatever luxury means to you, I’m sure there is something here for you. Banner Positive Acts: Transparency of supply chain. Designer