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KIKIITO is the brainchild of designer and artisan, Kiki Ito. Her bags are designed and handmade in London using high quality Italian leather, juxtaposing modern aesthetics and materials with applied craftsmanship. Strong, passionate, simple and always authentic, KIKIITO focuses on what it feels like as much as what it looks like. Giving you a feeling of strength and the confidence to be yourself. Inspired by Kiki’s own experiences in Japan, LA and London and her personal journey. The latest collection JO-NETSU references the concepts of determination and suppleness, inspired by her childhood passion for gymnastics. Minimalist in design and adornment yet inherently strong and flexible thanks to the symbolic use of flexible neoprene rubber cord, JO-NETSU empowers wearers to create their own effortless style.Kiito Banner

The Essence of Kalmar

Kalmar is a holistic wellbeing and resort-wear brand rooted in spiritual self-discovery. Our clothing collection and scented self-care products are designed to realign the mind, body and soul – a luxurious, versatile way for the modern woman to connect with her innermost self. Founded by writer, dancer and spiritual healer Karen Ruimy, Kalmar is centred around Joy, Calm, Peace and Love – the four soul states which guide every element of our existence. The most direct path to the soul is through the senses. Our collection of resort-wear is inspired by the vivid colour, prints and fluid silhouettes found throughout Moroccan culture, Karen’s native home. Timeless, elegant, glamorous and feminine, it is designed for the city-dwelling woman who loves to travel. From kaftans to evening dresses, footwear to jewellery, the collection takes her from the beach to a summer cocktail party, allowing her to choose the way she wants to feel. It is an approach rooted in integrity, intuition and attention to detail. Every piece in the Kalmar collection is sustainably sourced, and made in a manner mindful of the world around us. Kalma
Karen Millen

 About Us



In 1981 with a loan of £100, Karen Millen bought 1,000 metres of cotton and began creating white shirts to sell to friends. The rest, as they say, is history. Four decades later, we’ve evolved into a destination for thoughtful styles with exceptional design, creative talent and craftsmanship we’re truly proud of. The Karen Millen logo is an assurance of enduring style and the utmost quality – now and forever.  


Central to our vision is the vow to only create pieces you’ll wear, and love, for years to come. When it comes to fabrics and finishes, form and fit, we’re fastidious about quality, and thoughtfully consider every button, stitch and seam. As such, we hold the creation process of our collections in the highest regard. “Everlasting designs with luxury status at attainable prices”


Our design philosophy is articulated through a collection of versatile offerings that can be slipped into your existing wardrobe with ease. Think elevated basics, elegant occasionwear and tailoring that fits like a glove. From our signature best-selling shapes to bespoke prints and trimmings, exclusivity is at the heart of our appeal. We transcend catwalk trends in favour of design that lasts beyond a season or a year. We hero forever pieces that are endlessly appealing and always relevant. Think of it as a modern vision with timeless sensibility.   Karen Millen Store Banner
Karen Morris Hats Karen was born in Hong Kong, a cultural crossroads of exuberance, fashion and character. She was trained by top milliners in Britain, Australia and the States. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Karen applies her artistic skill and contemporary style to hat pieces for her haute couture Karen Morris Millinery label as well as ready-to-wear pieces for her Obsession label. She also accepts commissioned orders. And when she can find spare time, she enjoys tutoring as well. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade of exotic materials sourced from around the world. Karen’s hats are available at distinguished boutiques, in her studio showroom and right here online.Karen is a member of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association, American Craft Council and the Minnesota Artists group. Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade from exotic materials from around the world  Designer
KARL LAGERFELD Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most celebrated designers of the 21st century. He was renowned for his relevant approach to style and a curated vision that balanced classic and contemporary influences. “I design like I breathe,” he said of his artistic process, “you don’t ask to breathe — it just happens.” Karl Largerfield Banner Designer
Kate Thornton
TV and Radio Presenter Kate Thornton creates stunning collections with female empowerment and positivity at the heart of her ethos. KTx has a unique direction in terms of design, creativity, trend and wear ability whilst remaining true to the Kate's style. Kate's love of David Bowie and his unapologetic unique style brings together a strong celestial theme of stars and moons, and George Michael inspired crosses with each new collection featuring powerful affirmations engraved within her designs. Working with an all female team based in London Kate's passion is evident within all her creations ensuring all collections works perfectly with each other for ultimate layering and stack-ability! bibijoux small banner  
Katherine Hamilton Katherine Hamilton is a UK designer of luxury larger cup lingerie in sizes 26-38, D-HH. Her designs combine luxury materials from silks to French lace with superior technical fit and comfort. Katherine’s pioneering designs are inspired by her personal philosophy of embracing and empowering women with elegance, comfort and confidence. She sees lingerie as a tool with which to support women not only physically but emotionally; to lift their self-esteem and communicate their self-worth. Ethical Fashion Acts: Empowering women, made from quality silk and French lace   Designer
Koh Gen Do Born in Tokyo and raised on movie sets around the world, Koh Gen Do combines the planet’s most precious botanicals with Japanese skincare technology to nourish and protect your complexion’s natural ability to regenerate and thrive. THE BIG SCREEN Over thirty years later, Koh Gen Do remains a favorite among professional makeup artists and can be found regularly on the sets of blockbuster movies. Our secret to success on screen and off is simple: healthy, dewy skin enriched with natural essences looks as fresh on camera as it does in life. THE PHILOSOPHY At the heart of Koh Gen Do is the belief that everything you apply on your skin should nurture its radiant vitality. Whether you’re using one of our cleansers or cult-favorite powders, every Koh Gen Do elixir nourishes and enhances the luminosity of your complexion. Our products enrich the skin’s natural healing abilities, leaving your complexion soft, firm, smooth and flourishing. Backed by cutting edge Japanese skincare technology and healing plant-based ingredients, our gentle formulations feed and repair skin for a fresh, dewy complexion that glows even without a single drop of makeup. Shop Banner Positive Acts: Backed by cutting edge Japanese skincare technology and healing plant based ingredients Designer
Koy Clothing
Over 50% of profits go back into the
Kenyan communities that inspire our designs.
Watch our story below:
Investing in the people...
We believe that in order to help the wildlife, you must invest in the people. In  January 2020 we visited our 'Mara' project, which supports conservation in Kenya through 5% of all our 'Mara' collection sales  (At least 50% of profits), helping the coexistence of the people and the wildlife in Kenya.
Growing up in Kenya...
KOY Clothing was founded by two brothers, Alastair and Jimmy Scott who grew up in Kenya. Growing up in Africa is an experience like no other. It shapes and develops you in a certain way. Imagine having a garden that never ends, full of life, full of colour and untapped potential. As kids we are naïve and innocent, feeling you can play forever in this peaceful garden, but as you get older you realise it’s not quite as harmonious as you once thought. It all started with a birthday present… Alastair wanted to get a present that made Jimmy standout at his 21st birthday party. Alastair scoured the internet but couldn't find anything to match what he had in mind. Then, the bright and unique Kikoy fabric that surrounded us growing up in Kenya popped into mind. So, he went to the local Kenyan markets, bought some Kikoy fabric, took it to 'Charles' a local tailor and 'voila' - the first ever KOY Clothing jacket was created. For a few years after Jimmy's birthday, friends and friends of friends started asking us to make them similar blazers - so we did this as a hobby on the side of University/our full time jobs... Our Promise was born… KOY Clothing was officially incorporated as a business in December 2016 and from the moment our first blazer was stitched, we made a promise, a promise we intend to deliver on... Africa has so much to offer and while many choose to give back to it, there are some who choose to exploit it. It is our promise to value what this stunning continent has given us. We do this by giving 5% of all sales (At least 50% of profits - see how this amount is calculated HERE) to projects within Kenyan communities, helping the people, the place and the wildlife.