Independent Fashion Brands

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A-MM-E Influenced by life, art in Italian hills, piazzas and by contemporary culture in London, A-MM-E is a slow fashion brand that creates affordable designer fashion for empowered women who want to combine an individual creative style with easy living & breathing out versatility for all lifestyles, all seasons, all attitudes. Aiming to be ethical, all A-MM-E pieces are made by self employed seamstresses in the UK or in a self supporting Ecological Himalayan community. Ethical Fashion Acts: providing fair working conditions and wages, supporting local communities, ethical Cashmere sourcing Designer
Acurrator Acurrator is an independent designer womenswear and accessories brand, best defined by a Fashion Week aesthetic at High Street prices. Through their previous experience working with leading designers and brands, Andra, Louise, and Kat offer Acurrator have developed 5 capsule collections since late '16. Each collection shares clean lines, minimalist lairs, asymmetries, geometry and origami inspired pieces that transition from day to night, office to weekend getaways, and flats to heels.  The creatives behind Acurrator believe that ethical and sustainable manufacturing will become the new normal, much like organic food has become mainstream. Ethical Fashion Acts: using organic cotton and recycled materials, donating 10% to "Women for Women", providing fair work condition and wages Designer
ADIDAS Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the entire world as for clothing, sports shoes and street wear. Since 1949 the German brand has created sneakers with a unique design, now timeless icons. Adidas Banner 2 Designer
Afew Jewels Afew Jewels is inspired by the designer's absolutely amazing family heritage of creatives and professionals. While everything at Afew Jewels is made sustainably and locally (literally everything, from the pieces through to packaging), the core philosophies of Afew have always been about sharing: experience, growth and beauty. Partnering with UNICEF, WWF and many other charity organisation, Afew offers customers the choice to give back with every purchase. Ethical Fashion Acts: 100% sustainable production, supporting charities, providing fair work conditions Designer
Afina London Being inspired by worldly lifestyle and passion for travel, Afina London brings a fresh perspective to swimwear and create wearable, yet bold statement-making pieces. The mission is to provide exclusive swimwear crafted from the finest materials with utmost attention to details with an innovative approach. The Afina London début collection features vibrant, exclusively designed prints, limited edition bridal line and unconventional designs  made locally in England supporting  a collaborative of  skilled  female seamstresses. Ethical Fashion Acts: Providing fair work conditions, made locally in England Designer
AGGI AGGI is dedicated to the women who value craftsmen tailoring that emphasize the figure and like to experiment with the colour and texture. Exceptional quality cut and precision finish, as well as carefully selected materials of the highest quality, are one of the core values behind the success of AGGI. Our designs are inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s eclectic style combined with contemporary trends. The designer Agata Halewska is uncompromised in her vision, selection of the fabric and refining the smallest details of the designs, which altogether create a unique collection loved by strong and independent women like herself. Not only is she ahead of the latest trends, but her ability to retrospect and draw from the eclectic form of the '80s, allows her to create unique works of art in which women feel special. We have been building our reputation on the market, thanks to which we are perceived as not only a luxury but also a trustworthy brand. We managed to achieve this thanks to many years of work in a well-coordinated and loving team of, among others, qualified tailors managed by our designer. Following the fair trade path, is one of our fundamental value, thanks to which our products are created in a sustainable and happy environment. All our products are made in our home town Krakow, Poland and we have full insight into our production chain at every stage. Our products are created of vegan and ecological materials, such as vegan leather or faux fur. We try to eliminate unnecessary overproduction, which allows us to avoid excessive textile waste. By keeping production in one place, we contribute to reducing fuel consumption that pollutes our environment. Our goal is to create the best quality clothes so that they can serve our customers for years. By small everyday activities, we contribute to making women not only look beautiful but also to have the feeling of meeting the greatest of today's needs - caring for the environment. Aggi Banner Designer
AHAVA We let nature lead our science of designing skin, hair, & body care formulas that activate skin from within. Ahava BANNER Designer
Alice's Pig Wonderland is everywhere,' our great aunt Alice always said, "so you'd better be dressed for it! Alice's Pig brings you a selection of vintage styles with a modern edge. By ethically sourcing their materials and offering high-quality pieces that will last decades, the brand is proudly part of the ethical and slow fashion movement. To support fair work conditions, the brand have a close working relationship with their business partners to create a magical clothing brand - they simply refuse be part of the exploitation of workers that is, unfortunately, still all too common in the fashion industry, offering you a conscious fashion choice. Ethical Fashion Acts: ethical material sourcing, providing fair working conditions Designer
Alison Fern Jewellery Alison Fern Jewellery is a brand synonymous with thoughtful designs crafted carefully by hand. Formally educated with a degree in Art History, Alison went on to work for TATE (gallery) for ten years before starting her jewellery brand. London based, and in response to her growing urban experience, collections marry ideas of femininity and strength. Forms often take shape from Alison’s love of art and the signature style is fresh and modern, mixing metals, textures and unexpected materials. More recent collections have drawn on Alison’s coastal upbringing, working closely with natural materials such as pearls, glass and precious stones. The brand has a commitment to quality and sustainability. Each design is produced in small batches and often made to order to minimise waste. Over 75% of the metals and stones are sourced from a trusted UK supplier. You can expect limited edition and one of a kind designs; affordable jewellery with a touch of luxe for women with spirit. Always well made and well priced, aiming to be within the new wave of attainable luxury for the everyday. Allison Fern Designer
Anastazio Jewellery Anastazio Kotsopoulos is the founder and creative director of the anonymously named Athens-based fine jewellery label, ANASTAZIO. One of Greek’s emerging and talented contemporary jewellers, Anastazio’s passion for jewellery unfolded in the company of his brother, Agis Kostopoulos, a noted gem-setter in Greece. At the age of 19, Anastazio began studying the art of stone-setting and jewellery-making under the tutelage of his brother. The two worked together for many years and honed their skills under the watchful eyes of the best Greek goldsmiths, working 10-14 hours every day. Anastazio’s love for gold jewellery led him to design the Nude Love heart pendent, Fish of Gold earrings, Contrast earrings and Cosmos pendent, among others. Desirous of carving a niche for himself in the world of jewellery in his native country, Anastazio made eight key pieces and presented them to the jewellers in Santorini. His talent did not go unnoticed. Anastazio’s vision is that his wearable handmade jewellery should be an ode to femininity. The designs with intricate details, yet stylishly simple – Meander rings, Tears of Love pendant, Fish of Gold earrings – reflect his approachable and creative persona. Drawing upon geometry, textures and inspirations from Greek folklore, Anastazio’s jewellery is steeped in craft tradition and influenced by his heritage. Through his work Anastazio shares his love for artistic jewellery, inspired by ancient cultures, the nature and love of feminine sexuality. He designs in order to make the wearer feel beautiful, bring people together and inspire compliments. The power of a compliment, believes Anastazio, can make people feel more beautiful and confident than any other material possession. For me, bringing people together is what life is all about. My purpose is to help this process with the fabulous art of jewellery. My jewellery is mainly designed for dynamic women with strong personality, who like to feel unique, beautiful and confident when wearing one of my designs. – Anastazio Shop Banner   Designer
Anna Etter Anna Etter is an exclusive fashion brand based in Vienna, produced in limited quantity for women who want to dress modern & classy at the same time while keeping individuality and unique look. “In my collections, I am trying to create garments that underline femininity & elegance in daily life combining glamorous eye catching elements with casualty creating luxury yet relaxed look. Inspired by images of 50’s I am trying to revive them in my collections with a modern touch. My aim is that ladies wearing our clothes feel confident and attractive while keeping their given by nature femininity in the most genuine way”. Quality is the key element of the brand - all garments are produced locally and sustainable in Europe and mainly made of Italian fabrics carefully selected by the designer. Ethical Fashion Acts: Providing fair work conditions Designer
Aria and Leya Inspiring every woman to shape her own life, Aria Leya is committed to designing beautiful garments that fit and make you feel fabulous. But our mission is to create something much more than a lingerie company - the brand envisioned a world where all women are independent and courages, and takes this inspiration to share through their designs. To actively support their cause, Aria Leya partnered with Freeset to make their packaging, a company that helps give voice to women who are choosing freedom from the sex trade in Kolkata. Ethical Fashion Acts: Ethical packaging supporting women, providing fair work conditions and wages Designer
Arialis | Gunter, the founder and designer of Arialis makes gorgeous, modern jewellery by hand in his London studio. His aesthetic definitely leans towards bold minimalism, which is reflected in his pieces. While there are lots of beautiful, commercially-produced jewellery out there, Arialis focuses on more the artisanal side of jewellery, making each piece more unique - and always enjoying the work that goes into it. arialis jewellery Ethical Fashion Acts: Handmade, local jewellery Designer
ABOUT ARKET is a modern-day market offering essential products for men, women, children and the home. ARKET’s mission is to democratise quality through widely accessible, well-made, durable products, designed to be used and loved for a long time. NAME A nod to our Nordic heritage, ARKET means ‘sheet of paper’ in Swedish. It combines concepts that were often returned to while developing the brand: archive, archetypes and the market. ARCHIVE A common thread in both a metaphorical and physical sense. From an expression of the long-lasting nature of our collection, to an extensive and easily accessible library of vintage sample research, to the name given to the shelving system developed in-house, the notion of the archive is ARKET’s central theme. ARKET ID The simplest expression of the archive is the ARKET id, a unique 9-digit code given to and shown with each product. A system created to make it easy for customers to find and re-find products both in physical and digital stores, and a tool for our archive – a way to record and preserve our products.
PRODUCTION The starting point in each production is defining the quality we want to reach, and building on the strengths of each production market. Value for money will be achieved through economies of scale, with the use of initiatives such as the yarn projects and, above all, by establishing styles that endure. The result will be a seasonless production flow, lower development costs, and the ability to refine over time. Most importantly, it helps achieve strong, long-term relationships with suppliers, working together towards the same goal.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT To attempt to make products with a longer life, we invest time in their development. This can be in the form of studying vintage garments and source material to identify the archetypal qualities of a particular style or print, the development of custom yarns and fabrics by our in- house knitwear technician, or long-term collaborations with experts such as Japanese outerwear fabric suppliers or Italian suiting mills. SUSTAINABILITY Besides being a consequence of a focus on the long-lasting in design and production, sustainability has been a primary consideration in developing the ARKET brand and naturally incorporated in all processes, from the choice of suppliers and materials to informing customers about how to care for their products to prolong their lifespan.
Arzu Kara Based in the beautiful town of Henley on Thames, Arzu demonstrates her dedicated craft and talent for understated elegance. Empowering women with the clothes they wear is of paramount importance. By carefully listening to what her clients want, the designs embody the type of woman who channels an effortlessly chic style with a mixture of couture fashion that consistently meets their needs. Ethical Fashion Acts: providing fair work conditions Designer

Avant, your partner for a skin that exudes health!


Through harbouring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, we recognised a lack of brands uniting the benefits of both the natural skincare routine and effective scientific formulations. We observed many brands developing products promising invasive remedies for anti-ageing whilst all natural and organic brands were attempting to find treatments that provide similar results.

As skincare professionals, we were able to identify that customers desired a combination of both approaches to skincare. We sought the expertise of dermatologists and skincare insiders in order to develop our first skincare line, Bio Activ+ and have continued this approach when developing our extensive range. The focus was on creating non-invasive products that can be used at home but will still deliver visible results. Meticulously scrutinising each ingredient that formulate our products and always standing by this blend of nature and science, our goal is to make customers feel confident in their own skin.

Education through transparency


The brand was founded in Old Street, London. This artistic hub greatly inspired Avant’s slick and innovative brand identity. Design is a key component of the brand and is used to educate the customer, helping them to better understand the ingredients they put on their skin and make an informed choice.

The packaging of each and every product encapsulates the Avant brand and our values. We print the ingredients used in each product on the front of our packaging. On the back, we go into more detail about how these ingredients work. A carefully curated and unique beauty ritual is printed on the third side of every box. In line with our dedication to limit our environmental impact, our packaging is made from 100% recycled fibres and is 100% recyclable. Avant Skincare shop banner    
Avila Avila's beliefs lay heavily in creating a brand that is ethically and sustainably responsible, with constantly looking into wats to lessen their environmental impact. Avila uses the highest quality natural fabrics, made in Melbourne supporting local artisans, with fair working environments and fair pay. Ethical Fashion Acts: Fair trade materials, supporting local artists and fair work conditions, low environmental impact fabrics Designer


“Quiet Confidence. Discreet Luxury.” AVILIO (anagram derived from the English spelling of founder’s daughter’s name - Oliwia) is a fine silver jewellery brand based in London, UK. With an aspiration of filling the jewellery market gap with unique, fine quality designs that are accessible to all, AVILIO London has always been focused on making pieces that embody great craftsmanship and wearer’s individuality. A great deal of thought and attention have also been placed on packaging, making AVILIO products a perfect gift idea for our customers’ beloved ones. At AVILIO, we emphasize timeless and unique jewellery that stands out the crowd. All items are designed in London with international shoppers in mind. They are classic yet blend well with modern urban style. Our jewellery pieces are meticulously made by hand from silver & gold and checked by our dedicated team members with relentless attention to detail before finally being carefully nested with individual customers. The Founder’s Story AVILIO’s founder came from a family with deep roots in traditional fine jewellery. With the surge of online shopping and the increasing demand for fine quality without scary price tag, the founder decided to shift from fine jewellery into creating a modern brand that fits into contemporary trends but will also stand the test of time. AVILIO’s founder is focused is on creating truly wonderful pieces which meet the industry’s highest standards and offer a great value to AVILIO’s customers. At AVILIO, we offer jewellery that can be worn for a lifetime. AVILIO London
  Positive Acts: AVILIO’s founder came from a family with deep roots in traditional fine jewellery
Avrom Jewels | Avrom Jewels as an eco-friendly luxury high fashion jewellery brand is an out-turn of Priti Sharma’s childhood love affair with art and installation that came to fruition after a decade of arts and design exploration in two countries and four different cities. Avrom® was established in late 2014 in Mumbai and today the brand represents all things diverse, bright, bold and statement. Avrom Jewels Ethical Fashion Acts: Sustainable material sourcing, providing fair work conditions, careful production processes Designer