Athleisure. It’s everywhere. Whether you are stepping out in a colourful tracksuit or wearing your favourite heels with your track suit bottoms, this statement is without a doubt a fashion forward way to stay comfortable and trendy.

Of course, there are the go-to Nike and Adidas pieces that you can’t live without; but how about something that no one else has? There are hundreds of independent brands to choose from that design clothes most other women don’t have in their wardrobes. When shopping independent brands, the possibilities are endless, and many designers ethically produce their clothes and use sustainable materials. Not only are you going to stand out in a crowd but also help the environment.


When shopping athletic wear look for materials like Organic Cotton. This sustainable material is one of the best for the environment, when making clothes because when growing organic cotton pesticides are not being put into the water or soil around the area. More and more independent brands and independent designers are proactively using this material which makes their products more premium and appealing to the  those that are environmentally conscious.

Independent Brands

Sustainable independent brands are bringing change to the fashion industry. The average person wears each item of clothing about 10 times before they either throw it away or donate. This seems justified to the average consumer because when paying a low price for clothing it is easy to move onto the next item quickly. How often do you see a Chanel bag at a charity shop? You don’t. This is because it is a luxury item that you pay a lot of money for that you would not easily donate or ever put in the bin.

Independent Brands

“While most people likely donate their old clothes to charities, the ones that are ripped or stained usually get thrown out and end up in a landfill or being incinerated. But the reality is old clothes can be shredded and ground down to make new consumer products like paper, automotive and building insulation, under padding for carpets and stuffing for pet bedding”. globalnews

Our sustainable and independent brand partner Avila use 100% Organic Cotton in their clothing. Avila believe that all the clothes they create should be made responsibly and are always actively looking for ways to lessen their environmental impact. They are based in Melbourne and support local artisans, with fair working conditions and pay.

“Fast fashion brands put out new collections every week or month to make it seem like your wardrobe is all off trend. This is the reason you sit and stare at your full wardrobe thinking you have nothing to wear”. thegreenhubonline

To avoid thinking you are never wearing clothes that are in style explore the world of independent brands. How could you not want to help the environment, look stylish doing it and have clothes that will last you so much longer?

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