From Finance to fashion!

I don’t think I really ever fit the bill of what a typical accountant looked like or should look like. Quite frankly I never wanted to! The atypical look of the ill fitting box pin stripped skirt suit never rubbed off. My work attire was more stiff collared white shirt and flared black trousers a la Uma Thurman in Reservoir of dogs coupled with killer five inch heels and massive geeky glasses beneath my heavy black fringe and smattering of bright red lipstick. I simply ignored the tuts and disapproving looks from the grey office mob.

In a nutshell, I refused to conform and become what I had decided was finance worker drone attire. The need to add a “je ne sais quois” to any traditional office wear always by and large overwhelmed me every single morning. The insatiable quest to find the next outfit be it main stream brand designer, independent quality brands and vintage became a daily ritual of perusing and traversing high street shops and the world wide web. So much so that my daydreamed alter ego state, was one that heroically burst out of her TM Lewin shirt and readily changed into Channel vintage.
Obviously, one could not continue in this hybridised, finance, fashion floozy, form forever and that is when I decided to morph this eclectic mix of fashion and finance into one solid business idea.
The thoughts being why do I have to traverse the web and high street in different locations every other day? Why can’t this mad quest occur in one place? Why can’t I have access to global boutiques that offer people like me with a more discerning taste in fashion, in just one centralised hub? Aha! This was the eureka moment and I set off on the journey to build Modafirma and jotted down the bullet points of what Modafirma should and would be.
 Modafirma would be exclusive
 Modafirma had to be social to allow shoppers and retailers and all those in fashion to connect and share ideas.
 Modafirma had to be a destination whereby, non mainstream brands but high quality brands could retail globally
 Modafirma had to allow fashion designers at various levels to advertise and showcase their designs globally.
There are many fantastic Ecommerce fashion sites for luxury and designer items but they offer you mainstream luxury designer brands. Not necessarily something very different from what everyone else is wearing, not that rare find and certainly not that smug feeling of “oh just something I picked up” when the question is ultimately asked “where did you get that from”?
We have since built Modafirma and we are rapidly gaining traction, I have since fled finance and entered the daunting but fascinating world of fashion! I feel at home, free and quite frankly I feel like me.



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