Some have claimed that orange is the new black, but green is the real contender.

By it’s very nature, fashion is constantly evolving, yet the trend for fast fashion is grinding to a halt. Supply meets demand as consumers become more socially responsible and are actively seeking out ethical fashion.

The cynical need to take stock. Banish age old connotations of ethical fashion, which admittedly was a byword for hessian sack styling. Embrace a world of emerging designers taking holistic approach to fashion. No longer satisfied with organic materials, a designers moral compass directs the entire ethical life cycle of their garments, from workers rights to carbon footprint.

At Moda Firma we celebrate sustainable fashion and are proud to work with such ethical manufacturers. Get these designers on your style radar today.

The fashion question on the red carpet, used to be concerned with ‘Who are you wearing”. The new question is “Who Made Your Clothes”, make your answer Silk Denim. Silk Denim reclaim and recycle old denim, lovingly crafting into on trend new items. Wear one off items with this bespoke Oh Yoko Coat, or pimp up the patchwork with this Kente Cloth Dress.

Turkish inspired yoko ono coat by Silkdenim

Turkish inspired yoko ono coat by Silkdenim

A brand with a story is far more interesting than mass produced clones could ever hope to be. Wild Tussah, has one of those stories. The Wild Tussah brand utilises the Vietnamese skill of weaving. A tradition long associated with the area, the production of high quality bags has relieved the struggles of the local people. The graphic patterns make the brand instantly recognisable, beautifully partnering fashion and compassion.

Fashion remorse is real! It’s the guilt felt after a cash splurge. Usually spent on “here today, gone tomorrow” items. High street fashion is still catching up where sustainable fashion leads. It’s mass produced, it’s never one of a kind and usually not built to last. The idea of up-cycling our fashion faux pas holds a certain romantic notion. Yet for those with little sewing experience, how could it possibly work.

Introducing Doodlage. Doodlage are based in New Delhi. The concept is to reconstruct and re-ivent your unwanted items. This results in a one off, bespoke brand new creation. We absolutely adore the Long Kurta Maxi Dress, effortlessly chic and cooling through summer months.

Take a new approach to your own fashion edit. Sustainable fashion is largely the work of committed artisans. Love is poured into their creations and the positive vibe put into the manufacturing, will surely rub off.





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