How do emerging fashion designers overcome barriers to entry in an industry that is significantly prohibitive for emergent talent? First and foremost emerging designers need to forge key relationships with various stakeholders in order to scale. In particular they need to be noticed by buyers who normally only visit various trade shows in major cities semi-annually or 4 times a year. Significant PR is required to promote their creations, this can be phenomenally expensive. Furthermore, manufacturing costs tend to be very costly for emerging fashion designers since they tend not to produce in bulk but rather operate a “just in time” method and produce on request. Finally fashion designers by and large require an online presence to showcase and sell their designs. All in all in this requires a significant amount of capital for emergent designers to create sustainable and viable businesses. With little access to finances new and emerging talent find it very difficult to launch.

Modafirma an exclusive social commerce fashion platform also addresses this gap by allowing emerging talent to sell and showcase  directly to consumers globally via customisable boutiques and Lookbooks. a crowdsourced fashion design company for T-Shirts is one such player. Fashion designers can list and bid for funds for a particular T-Shirt design. The designer therefore knows prior, exactly how many T-shirts will be needed before he or she presses go on the printer. The motto in this case has proven true, “waste not want not”

Modafirma Team


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