We at Modafirma have handpicked some of our favourite boutiques and made a collection of their best pieces. Check our our feature on Bo Carter, Renush, Frachella and Bastet Noir below!

Oroceo Castro is all about clean, delicate pieces that are both pretty and powerful. They gravitate towards a polished yet edgy aesthetic, exploring different silhouettes and design elements. Check out their boutique and shop their stunning collection.

Editors Pick Blog - Renush

Renush’s Leather Accessories are truly one of a kind. Renush’s clutch bags, bracelets and necklaces are strong, powerful and super chic. The best thing about Renush Accessories? They’ll look just as good with an evening gown as they will with jeans. We at Modafirma love accessories that can be worn everywhere and anywhere! Check out their boutique for more of their unique collection.


Stacy Chan takes a unique, minimalist construction and uses it as a starting point for luxury bags. All of their luxury bags are designed in London and handmade in Italy for an excellent finish. We love how elegant their bags and accessories are; shop their boutique for fabulous phone cases, clutches and tote bags.

Editors Pick Blog - Bastet Noir

Bastet Noir is a brand for women who eat, breathe and bleed fashion. The brand started with reformation of old vintage finds and continued its success story by introducing its line of casual wear and elegant dresses. Check out their boutique for stunning dresses, two piece suits and skirts.


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