For the upcoming holiday season, we’re obsessing over casual, yet unique pieces and effortlessly chic casual summer outfits. From must-have basics such as sustainably made T-shirts to vintage denim jackets, we gathered our casual favourites from MissLondoner, Triarchy, Ode to Sunday and many more.

Casual Shirts and Blouses

Whether it’s a patterned blouse or a long, beautiful shirt dress, these casual pieces are must-haves in every wardrobe. Being a very versatile, slightly oversized silhouette, you can easily make it fierce with the right accessories.

Brand Recommendations:

MissLondoner – MissLondoner represents the true London casual chic style with their gorgeous marble and feather print blouses

SaltPetre – Known for the minimalistic designs and the sustainable materials, SaltPetre offers amazing shirt dresses and tops in the affordable luxury space

Basic T-Shirts

We all own simple T-shirts that go perfectly with any crazy skirt or bag, but it’s not just the right fit that really matters. Choosing high quality materials such as organic cotton will make it super comfy to wear, while it’s also environmental friendly.

Brand Recommendations:

Re:Sustain Clothing – The brand offers minimalist, 100% organic cotton T-shirts and sweaters that you’ll just want to wear all the time

Ode To Sunday – Even the brand’s name suggests a simple, comfortable design approach, and once you get familiar with their colour palette and sustainable values, you’ll fall in love

Comfy Denim

A pair of traditional jeans or a denim jacket with unique detailing will make any outfit more interesting and edgy. Although there’s a huge issue with water consumption and waste in the denim industry, these brands offer a sustainable, environmental-friendly option for denim-lovers.

Brand Recommendations:

Triarchy – Gathering inspiration from vintage stores and modern artists, Triarchy is one of the most popular sustainbale denim brands at the moment

Takutea – Another amazing brand offering classic jeans and shorts with an ethical twist

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Statement Trousers

For those days when you’d rather wear something more formal and traditional than jeans, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous black trousers. Simple, elegant and easy to mix and match with basically anything.

Brand Recommendations:

MissLondoner – Capturing the modern London style, MissLondoner offers gorgeous black trousers with great details

Accurator – Simplicity mees the current trends in every Accurator design, just like in this fun, monochrome culotte and top set

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