Ditch The Fad Diets! 6 Ways To Stay Motivated In 2020. What  they  don’t  tell  you  is  that  lack  of  Motivation  is  the  main  reason  why  most  health  and fitness  regimes  fail  diabolically.  There  are  several  reasons  why  health  and  fitness  or  sticking to  any  goal  for  that  matter  fail  diabolically.  These  are  the  top  6:

You  are  trying  too  hard :  Wasting  precious  time  and  energy  on  staying  motivated  is  futile. Motivation  has  its  natural  rhythm.  A  drop  in  motivation  is  not  a  sign  of  failure  it’s  a  sign  that you  need  to  take  a  break  and  let  things  take  their  natural  course  for  a  few  days.

Unrealistic  goals :  For  any  health  and  fitness  regime,  goals  need  to  be  realistic  and attainable.  It’s  not  all  about  numbers.  Usually  setting  realistic  goals  means  in  most  cases they  are  surpassed.

Lack of  planning :  An  idiot  with  a  plan  is  better  than  a  Genius  without  one.  Think  of  your health  and  fitness  plan  as  a  business  plan,  one  that  guides  you  throughout  your  process. Remind  yourself  of  your  goals  and  make  weekly  checkpoints  to  examine  your  progress.

Feeling: You  must  focus  on  how  the  process  makes  you  feel  and  not  just  the  numbers. 2 Focusing  on  how  you  feel  will  guide  you  throughout  and  will  yield  more  permanent  results whereas  focusing  on  numbers  makes  any  health  and  fitness  process  makes  the  process robotic  and  eventually  the  results  will  become  temporary.  Make  yourself  feel  better  by rewarding  yourself  when  you  achieve  a  goal.

Comparison : Your goals are not self-driven and they are motivated by comparing yourself to others. This is not realistic since we are all individuals and have different needs, goals and metabolisms. Research and learn what works for you. You can even conduct an experiment using the Quantified self-technique. Learn more about the quantified self here If you do need inspiration listen to motivational podcasts, read self help books.

Caring: Caring about the opinion of others is a sure and certain way to impede progress. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day it’s yours that counts when it comes to your welfare. Perhaps, stop seeking validation from others and start seeking it solely from yourself and you will be begin to see the difference in attainment and whatever you have planned for you. For motivational, health and wellness tips follow the SlimUp Tea Blog

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