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If you are serious about fashion, modafirma can help you gain visibility and exposure via our fashion galleries, you can readily upload your creations and show your collection to the world.
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Are you a fashion retailer, a boutique owner, or simply have a small collection that you wish to sell? Modafirma can offer you an online boutique to do so, it's simple.
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Welcome to ModaFirma

Modafirma is an exclusive, online, social commerce and shopping fashion platform. When a buyer shops on Modafirma they are shopping directly from an array of carefully selected and talented independent designers from across the world. Buyers have the ability to communicate, and build up a relationship with designers that they shop from and follow.

Modafirma acts as on online “virtual mall” and offers carefully selected fashion designers and retailers an opportunity to sell their unique designs and merchandise in an emporium of online shops from around the world. We do this by providing the technology to locate, sell and showcase directly to buyers located all over the world via our customisable boutiques; these boutiques comprise the shopping area on the platform.

Modafirma also offers fashion designers of all levels an online fashion gallery to showcase and publicise their designs globally. As a user you can browse the site but if you want to shop or sell you need to sign up/sign in. You can use an email address to do so or simply use your Facebook account.

Shopping on Modafirma

If you are looking for that quintessential stylish outfit that no one else has and one that is not on the high street. Then the boutiques within the Modafirma platform provide a global shopping emporium for you to find anything from that little black dress, luxury bags, stylish shoes and essential accessories to complete your outfit. We provide you the customer with a unique shopping experience; you can socially shop from and speak to some of the most talented and independent fashion designers and retailers from across the world.


Are you a fashion designer or retailer? Do you own a boutique? Modafirma can offer you a customisable online boutique to sell directly to customers globally. After careful selection and on approval you can then proceed to upload your own logo, designs and merchandise and get selling straight away. The boutiques are easy to set up, with different levels of membership and templates provided for you. To own a boutique you must apply or be invited. On Modafirma we operate a freemium model; this means that we allow you to start off with a subscription free boutique where you can sell 30 of your best designs for a zero subscription charge, but a % commission on sales. This enables you to obtain the finance to potentially upgrade to a subscription paying boutique in the future with less % commission charges.

All boutiques receive payment via PayPal; therefore you have to use a verified PayPal account and a PayPal linked email address in your boutique creation. For further information about selling on Modafirma simply go to the help page located at the bottom right hand corner of every Modafirma page On receiving an order from a customer you will receive an email from PayPal requesting dispatch, PayPal will release any paid funds to your account less our commission fees once receipt of the sold item has been confirmed by the customer.

Fashion Gallery

Are you an emerging fashion designer who needs to gain visibility and exposure from buyers and retailers? Are you finding it overwhelmingly challenging to penetrate the market? Are you a fashion student in search of new opportunities, simply wishing to sell or to showcase your latest collection? Modafirma offers a unique online social community for fashion designers, jewellery designers, photographers and artists alike. Establishing a gallery enables you to showcase your designs. We endeavour to help you break down geographic barriers, connect internationally with buyers and retailers, self market and simply share your collections with your friends. In order to obtain a fashion gallery you need to apply or be invited.