Modafirma is an exclusive social commerce fashion marketplace. We operate as a serviced retail business and provide the online technology for carefully selected independent fashion designers all over the world to sell and showcase globally via fashion boutiques and fashion galleries located on our platform. When a buyer shops on Modafirma they are buying directly from a carefully selected array of independent fashion designers and boutiques from all over the world in one online spot. The platform fosters a fashion community of member designers, fashion buyers and partners to operate their own independent fashion enterprises that can then locate and sell directly to customers and users that ultimately visit the platform. The various fashion items from various boutiques on Modafirma provide a unique global online social shopping experience with the latest trends in fashion, clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. We enable you to shop interactively across geographic boundaries, follow boutiques, galleries, recommend and share your recent purchases with your friends and followers via our social media pluggins as well as our own fashion community Modasocial.

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We currently operate a business model that allows all fashion designers to start off selling items to buyers with a “subscription free commission charging boutique”, build up traction and then upgrade to a monthly subscription based boutique when it is affordable for them to do so. Our aim is to also allow for all the talented independent fashion designers and Independent boutique owners registered on our platform to build credible fashion enterprises, garner visibility globally and gain exposure to industry and trade buyers. All boutique owners are responsible for their own stock, merchandise and delivery of items sold to customers, Modafirma operates a third party policy and does not buy or retain stock but rather monitors the quality, advises on how to increase sales, examines performance and ensures that all policies set out in the terms and conditions are adhered to by all parties.


The Independent boutiques compose the shops on the Modafirma platform via which designers and boutique owners sell. These shops are at three tiered levels; bronze, silver and gold with different standards of features and levels of service. We charge a monthly subscription fee and commission on sales for silver and gold boutiques; the bronze boutique remains subscription free however, we do charge a commission on sale of any items. In order to obtain a boutique on Modafirma you need to join the platform and APPLY.


We endeavour to help talented designers gain the visibility they need from buyers, retailers, agents and anyone with a general love of fashion via our fashion galleries. You can showcase, promote your gallery, build your network and share your collections with your friends and followers via our social commerce area Modasocial, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We currently do not charge for fashion galleries however, in order to obtain a fashion gallery you need to APPLY via the fashion gallery page.


www.modafirma.com operates an Affiliate Programme. For more information or to join as an affiliate please click HERE


Modafirma has an inbuilt social area where you can make friends with other users on the platform, follow boutiques and galleries, message and send emails to your friends and followers.

If you choose to register via Facebook and choose to self publicise, Modafirma will make your boutiques, fashion galleries and purchases viewable to friends and followers. Every Modafirma user has a Moda wall, where they can speak about their new boutique collections, fashion galleries, purchases, gain followers and even recommend items via a like to their friends. Having more friends, followers and recommendations on Modafirma means your boutique collections, fashion galleries and purchases have more viewing traffic so don't forget to invite your friends from Facebook!! You can locate your friends and followers on you profile bar in your own Modafirma social area.