We sat down with Clare Price, founder of Guava and Gold to chat about female entrepreneurship, wellness and sustainability.

Claire Price Founder of Guava & Gold
Claire Price Founder of Guava & Gold

To start, can you introduce yourself to our readers who may be hearing about your brand for the first time?

Hi, I’m Clare. With Guava & Gold, I set out to create an elegant capsule collection of luxury bath and body products, with ethical credentials, capturing unforgettable exotic holiday memories in a single bottle. All inspired by the beauty of our oceans, daydreams of sunlit beaches and creamy cocktails.

The brand reflects the colour, vibrancy and fun of the best tropical beach holiday ever and the charisma, sparkle and sheer joy of exclusive, fine fragrances are at the heart of the collection. The distinctive scents of fruits and flowers, including delicious guava and cherimoya, fragrant pink magnolia, white floral facets of tuberose, sweet vanilla orchid and enchanting orange and plum blossom have been expertly blended to bring that to life, with natural extracts including ylang-ylang oil, lemon peel oil and pink peppercorn extract.

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What were you doing before you launched Guava & Gold, and what made you want to launch a sustainable business within this industry?

I did something very different! I was a barrister and I really enjoyed my career but I have always wanted to create something special and beautiful which I would love doing and which could be more than just a business. I want Guava & Gold to be a brand which does as much as it can to make a difference. From the beginning, the brand has donated products to help alleviate hygiene poverty and, during the pandemic, it has donated money from sales to the same cause as well as products to frontline workers. As the brand grows, I’d like it to do even more.

Tell us a bit more about your products and what makes your products different from those on the market?

Guava & Gold is inspired by the most exotic corners of the world and focused on evoking a purely tropical holiday feeling. Its unique fine fragrances and the variety of oils in the products such as sweet almond, manuka and macadamia oils make it different from other mainstream brands. And so many people tell me they love having the elegant bottles on display in their bathrooms.

A unique feature of your brand is that you are a female founder, tell us a bit more about this and why this is important to you?

I think it’s important that women are not held back whatever they choose to do and that we should be working towards a gender equal world which promotes a better life for everyone. Part of that will come through seeing more women achieving business and professional success but also through social, cultural and political achievements. A gender equal world will give better health prospects for everyone, create more prosperity and lead to greater inclusion and harmony.

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What does sustainability mean for you?

For me, it means having kind-to-skin ingredients in the Guava & Gold collection, doing as little harm to our environment as possible, having a set of clear guiding principles to live and work by and demonstrating corporate accountability by giving back.

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Tell us a bit more about the choice of natural ingredients in your products and the fragrances used in your products. What inspired the naming of them?

The magic of fragrance is its astonishing ability to conjure up the memory of a moment in time, a place or a person whenever you smell it. So getting the fragrances right was essential for Guava & Gold and it was wonderful that one of the largest fragrance houses in the world has been involved in their creation. Their inspiration combined with over a century of experience and know-how in fragrance creation leads them to design visionary perfumes, which are intended to become tomorrow’s classics.

They loved the holiday inspiration idea behind the brand and they’ve interpreted it perfectly to blend exquisite phthalate-free perfumes, which are unique to Guava & Gold and evoke the sense of escapism behind the brand. They transform my vision of a collection of elegant products reminiscent of a sun-drenched tropical island into reality and the names of the fragrances such as Coral Beach and Coco & Cherimoya reflect that.

Being an entrepreneur, it can be difficult when starting off. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing about starting a business, what would it be?

With every opportunity which comes along, just say ‘yes’ straightaway and then work out how to make it happen. And surround yourself with positive people – a network of supporters who will cheer you on when you have tough days, which you definitely will have.

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