“As a Mother-Daughter team, we design for the women who want it all, and we’re inspired by the women who strive to have it all.” – just like her amazing new collection, Misha Vaidya perfectly represents powerful women who aren’t afraid to stand up for a positive change. Besides the early inspirations and getting international recognition, we’ve also got the chance to chat about sustainability and the importance of finding your personal fashion identity.


Where does your brand name come from? Who/what influenced you to start Misha Vaidya?

Well, the name is actually my own. For a long time I was unsure about using it, wondering how many different pronunciations might be created. However, after a little thought (and convincing), I realised that using my name also showed strength and belief in our product.

As a little girl in London, I watched my mum (now my business partner), climb an otherwise male dominated corporate ladder. She would create unique ensembles, making sure she didn’t stray too far from the traditional suit. Through the use of feminine hues and soft fibres, she managed it, she created looks that were architecturally anchored, minimal and strong. That was the start of something… perhaps even our mission!

Your motto on your website is “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” How do you think the impact of fashion on female empowerment and feminism has changed in the last few years?

Women have always been strong, from the beginning of time. All that’s changed is the portrayal, and it’s about time! The emphasis on female empowerment in the last few years has been incredible to see, and we’re thrilled to be part of it. As a Mother-Daughter team, we design for the women who want it all, and we’re inspired by the women who strive to have it all.


The response from the press has been amazing – you’ve been featured in various magazines, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour and Lucy’s. Do you have a moment in your brand’s history and achievements so far that you are the most proud of?

Thank you! Being featured in THE magazines that helped to encourage my love of fashion was absolutely incredible – each new feature results in a celebration that looks a lot like a little girl’s birthday party! The proudest moments for us however, are when we are able to connect with like-minded individuals. We strive to work with people, companies and platforms who believe in similar ideals, much like Modafirma. It’s these partnerships that tell us we’re helping, even if it is just a drop in the ocean.

One of the strongest connections between your brand and Modafirma is the support towards ethical fashion and conscious consumer choices. Why was it important for you to create an ethical fashion brand?

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful, so awe-inspiring, so out of this world, that you can’t believe it’s real? Is there a picture or place that you know you’ll never forget? Being surrounded by so much beauty has been taken for granted for years, yet it’s that beauty that inspires artists and designers, like myself, to create. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re committed to ethical and sustainable practices, in an effort to maintain those postcard views for years to come. Future generations will thank us.

Do you have an all-time favourite design from your collection, something that’s very close to your heart?

That’s a hard question, my favourites seem to constantly evolve. My current favourite is our Luana Playsuit, as I’ve found it to be one of the most diverse pieces. So many different types of women have gravitated towards the style; women of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities and interests, I love that – to share something so simple in common is beautiful.

Who is the Misha Vaidya customer?

The Misha Vaidya customer is defined by a personality, rather than a demographic. We create for she has the courage to be vulnerable and successful, traditional and rebellious, all while being able to express her individuality with strength and confidence.


If you could work together with one artist or designer, who would it be and why?

I’m sure you’re asking for someone in this day and age, but seeing as though I might be able to get away with this response, I’m going to try!! Salvador Dali. When I was little his paintings (and moustache) scared me, but as the years have gone on, they’ve inspired me more and more. He wasn’t afraid of controversy, flamboyance or criticism, at a time where being different wasn’t always accepted. I appreciate his originality. As he said, “intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

If you could give one fashion advice to the Modafirma customers?

Hmmm… if we had to offer one piece of advice, it would be for them to keep doing exactly what they’re doing – shopping from platforms that believe in something, that have a goal and a greater purpose. We as a brand believe in slow fashion and designing with a social purpose, an alternative to cheaply made, high-volume brands. We produce small runs, ensuring less waste, higher quality and fair trade.

Who’s your favourite designer on Modafirma?

A very hard question! There is so much talent to choose from, we’re thrilled to be in such good company. If we HAVE to choose, we are slightly in love with the Carla Lopez handbags! They are so unique, so interesting and so different from anything else we’ve seen on the market. The green, velvet ‘Jirafa’ bag is our favourite.


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