When designing, you have to be brave enough to project your ideas without fear and try to create something that does not resemble anything done before – the ideas and designs of Carla Lopez perfectly represent the unique side of fashion, while showing that daring brands can be successful. We chatted with Emilia and Carla, the creatives behind the brand.

Who/what influenced you to start Carla Lopez?

Emilia: In 2012, Carla had just finished her studies in Fashion Design and won several awards with her degree project. By then, I was working in the communication department of a luxury brand in Madrid. A mutual friend was the one who introduced us to each other.

: My final degree project was a challenge; I thought if I was able to carry out these sketches I would be able to do anything. It was from then that I realised I wanted to create my own brand, but I would need help to carry out the project. We say that it was by chance because we did not know each other and we hit it off since the beginning. We share the same references and the same passion for the project.

Can you tell us more about your creation process and the involvement of local

Carla: Our brand is the creative lovechild of luxury, art and tradition. We team up with traditional Spanish artisans to create all of our bags by hand, right here in Spain. Each bag passes through the educated hands of several specialists; from the jeweller to the leather craftsman and the metal smith to the painter: every artisan is a component of a meticulous but authentic process with an impeccable dénouement. They each contribute a small but valuable component of the process, which is then patiently bought together – piece by piece – to create the final bag.

Customers, including celebrities are starting to shift towards more unique, artistic brands – Beyonce has recently worn one of your bags. Why do you think there’s a growing interest and how can we encourage fashion-lovers to experiment with bold designs?

E: When designing you have to be brave enough to project your ideas without fear and try to create something that does not resemble anything done before. That passion is transmitted somehow to our customers who value curating special and unique pieces. A bold bag can be the key to a simple outfit and that missing piece for the more daring looks.

Who is the Carla Lopez customer?

C: We like to imagine a cosmopolitan woman that likes to risk with accessories, values handcraft and the exclusiveness that only sustainable fashion can offer.

If you could work together with one artist or designer, who would it be and why?

E: Anyone who shares our artistic vision and we can learn something from collaborating together.

Ciervo Blue Velvet Bag


Do you have an all-time favourite Carla Lopez design?

E: There will always be a special place in our hearts for the Ciervo bag. It was one of our first designs to become real and we still remember the feeling when we ended the first sample. It’s like magical, when you have something that only exists in your mind and suddenly see it popping into the real world. Since the original Ciervo was one of our all time best sellers, we made some special editions in white canvas and black fur the following seasons.

What inspired your newest, Parafernalia collection?

C: Parafernalia is inspired by the early twentieth-century banquets ceremonial and their paraphernalia (hence the collection’s name) Atrezzo, Reflejo and Eufemismo are an expression of the image projected through everyday objects seen as prestigious. These objects were identified with a certain social status and were displayed as a sign of opulence. We use the codes of 1.900 to deepen into the nature of ​​the image and appearances so alive in our virtual reality today. We reaffirm who we are through how others perceive us using artifices that simulate naturalness and spontaneity.

Do you have a moment in your brand’s history and achievements so far that you are the most proud of?

C: Every time a design becomes real. The biggest accomplishment for us is without doubt to be able to earn a living by making what we like and enjoy working together everyday.

What are your favourite items from Modafirma?

E: We’ve had a crush with all the Triarchy’s denim pieces.


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