Those who don’t jump will never fly. Check out these jumpsuits.

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Those who don’t jump, will never fly! Find your jumpsuit style swag!

The preening celebrated tend to curate their summer closets in October, just as the big four fashion weeks draw to an elegant close. However, we, the ready to wear set, are partial to fashion edits throughout the entire summer season.

Verbally, we can dress this trend anyway we like. Jumpsuit, catsuit, playsuit, romper…boiler suit? Shop the look below and reach your overall style goal!

Wearing trousers to the boardroom, without a noose like tie, is a privileged reserved for women. ​The nine to five jumpsuit trend eliminates the dilemma of matching or mismatching pinstriped ensembles. The Helena jumpsuit nips in at the waist with an oversized lower half.  Available in an array of colours, pairs well with sneaker like flats or wedges! Complete with bucket bag!


Helena Jumpsuite

Helena Jumpsuit


In a brave new world undergoing a fashion revolution, decoding the dress code has never been more complex. The rules have been rewritten and when jewel encrusted trainers can be worn in the most prestigious office spaces in London, the idea that the LBD is still the perennial favourite, does seem a little archaic.

In days gone by, red carpet glamour seemingly required relentless perfection. Yet, the razzle, dazzle of sparkly evening gowns is effortlessly being upstaged by the understated jumpsuit. Stars welcoming the liberation have included Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale, each putting their own style spin on the trend. Our silky cream and black jumpsuit has a Greek goddess appeal. The fabric is heavy and billowy, flattering most shapes and sizes. Oversized pockets and draw string waist create an off duty vibe.

Silk viscose Jumpsuit
Silk viscose Jumpsuit

The final frontier for the fashion anarchy, is of course, wedding season. Intrinsic with lace layered shifts and floral appliqués…is a jumpsuit ever appropriate? Granted, a traditional wedding complete with five prettily wrapped almonds, a never ending receiving line and a tiered white frosted fruit cake, probably does require traditional dress. Yet a charming boho tipi inspired celebration presents the opportunity to get more creative! Check out this tribal influenced stunning red jumpsuit by Mariya Kelly.

So when you next find yourself posing a question about what to wear, answer with a jumpsuit!

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