November has always been a great time to secure fabulous travel deals, primarily because it is low season. This means there are plenty of destinations ready for you to discover at reasonable prices. One of our favourite city breaks is Athens, the city is an earthy mix of ancient meets modern. This ancient city has a history that dates back over 3500 years with its ancient sites lying side by side with contemporary design. Athens has something for everyone, good food, awesome nightlife, ancient sightseeing and good shopping if you know where to look.

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What to do in Athens.

The Acropolis: When in Athens, do as the stylish Athenians do.

Take a gander around the acropolis  with the Parthenon standing as its guardian. This ancient monument epitomises the foundation of western civilisation and is a site to behold for all those who love a bit of the old. Prior to its demise the Acropolis was a demonstration of architectural marvel, with beautifully coloured buildings, great monuments and statues made of bronze. The acropolis was a sole majestic duchy of the ancient gods. The Acropolis was burnt to the ground by the ancient Persians in 510 BC but soon restored by Pericles with a system of temples that came to be famously regarded as the prize of classical Greece. Various foreign occupations and theft by various archaeologists slowly saw the demise of the Acropolis however, ongoing restorative programs are in progress  today.

Best times to visit  the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum are early morning or late evening . Bonus Admission is free on the first Sunday of every month from November until March. A combination ticket for a price of €30 allows entry to the Acropolis and a few other ancient sites for 5 days. TravelSupermarket offers the best comparison tools to secure a holiday and city break this November 2019 without exhausting your budget. Whether it’s  Holidays, Hotels or even Car Hire you need they have it covered by searching hundreds of travel websites designed to save you both time and money.

Dining: When in Athens Eat With Locals

Greek food offers a plethora of dishes with influences from the Middle East, Venetian, Turkish and best of all Greek. The choice that comes with Greek cuisine offers something for everyone, carnivores and herbivores alike. When in Athens we love to eat like a local. Eat With Locals is a dining event that offers authentic Greek food akin to eating from a Mammas kitchen. By far the best Greek cuisine can be found in the traditional Tarvernas. Try some Kleftico, Mousakka or Mitho Pilafo in an original Greek surrounding, cooked by Greeks and you will soon discover that all other versions of Greek cuisine simply do not compare. As Athens becomes more multi-cultural you can see influences and cuisine from all over the world everywhere. Syrian flat breads are served with the best Greek salads and Thai noodle dishes will be served with a glasses of Ouzo and Greek beer like Mithos.

Check out Mam in Varvakios central market for incomparable cheese pies.


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Diporto Restaurant, Athens

Diporto (Δίπορτο) means two doors in Greek and is a must try for those wanting to try food off the tourist trail. The entrance is unassuming. An atypical graffiti labelled door gives an unassuming presence. You would have zero clue that there is a restaurant here. Sample traditional bean stew and grilled fish all dished up with large servings of Greek wine

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Ouzeri Restaurant, Athens

Ouzeri Lesvos (Ουζερί Λέσβος) try dining in shabby chic style, experience real Greek food of fresh fish and sea food coupled with Ouzo in a taverna style format. Yamas!

Travel and getting Around: When in Athens you need to go sightseeing

Athens is a large city and with so much history and cultured centred in one space it becomes confusing where to begin your sightseeing. In Athens there is so much choice. If you are a lover of all things ancient and you love to consume all things related to the past then you  have the bug of “Archaeotopia” and there is no better place to knock yourself out than in Athens. With that said if you wish to go further afield than the usual touristy trail then  you need to hire a car , to get through the infamous chaotic traffic which can be rather intimidating you can be a local for the day and simply shout back in local epithets to fast track your way through the ancient streets whilst browsing the contemporary architecture and graffiti laden walls, that some how blends beautifully with that of the past. Like all city breaks it is imperative to ensure you have travel insurance check out some of the cost effective deals on offer.


Only in Athens do you see locals sunbathing getting their golden tans on not far off from the Ancient Parthenon. Inside Neo-classically designed buildings you will find cutting edge galleries and the most unassuming entrances will lead to a cinema or a Taverna.

The National Gardens:

Hidden away in the centre of Athens is an ecological gem called the National Gardens that offers a green retreat from the smog and traffic. This park has narrow garden paths and also a mini zoo with goats, chickens and other animals. A perfect get away space in an charmingly chaotic urban city.


National Gardens Athens

National Gardens Athens | Credit:

Finally, with summer now ended and those summer holidays now just a distant memory it is time to start thinking ahead and get a city break booked in the diary. Athens is one of those cities that you can still soak up a bit of the Mediterranean sun with temperatures still hovering around 22 degrees Celsius.  A city break is the perfect opportunity to jet off and explore the history, culture and art of some of Europe’s most iconic cities. City breaks can be an action-packed holiday with a choc block schedule exploring the city’s monuments, attractions and tour guides or just an easy, relaxed time soaking up the architecture dining al fresco in some of the city’s best restaurants. If you have already visited Athens, perhaps  try some of the other European  top city break destinations; from Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin to Stockholm

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