Women wearing structured blazers, gathering together to support empowerement movements on the red carpet and feeling confident in minimalist pencil dresses made by independent and ethical brands – during the past few seasons, power dressing got a whole new meaning to it. To help you find the pieces for your personal “power closet”, we created an essentials list inspired by one of our style heroes, Meghan Markle.

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Know your and your style’s worth

…by rocking designs and supporting brands you believe in. Clothes talk too: they represent female empowerement and instantly show your unique personality to the world, so picking consciously is essential, and with every new clothing purchase you make, you can support a brand and artist with the same visions.

Make statements with your clothes. Support movements, don’t be afraid to stand out and empower yourself and independent designers with your wardrobe and style choices.

Our Style Inspiration: Meghan Markle

With her sophisticated and feminine style choices, Meghan represents an effortless way of power dressing. Sleek trousers, fitted dresses, high quality accessories from independent, sustainable brands…this is the best possbile modern way of power dressing. Instead of following fast fashion trends, her style represents her personality perfectly. Her closet tells us immediately that she’s an advocate for women’s rights and that she’s not afraid to express her opinion.


Image Source: Vogue Meghan Markle Fashion File

Essentials For Power Dressing


Structured Blazers

Choose a high quality blazer with a signature structure to it to personalize this classic piece to your style


with the asymmetric line and the silver detailing, this blazer is a perfect match for monochrome outfits


This blazer has a more feminine vibe with the curved neckline, making it a match made in heaven with a pencil skirt


Fitted Pants

Match your blazer with a classic, slim fit pair of pants


Experiment with these stunning velvet suit pants for a more textured, unique look

blank…or stick with the classic, mid rise suit pants with a flared leg silhouette


Formal Dresses

Choose a dress with a pencil or A-line midi skirt that effortlessly hugs your figure

blankThis white dress combines #girlpower with a classic design perfectly
blankWith the white lace collar, puffy sleeves and A-line midi skirt, this Anna Etter piece is perfect for a vintage inspired look


Minimalist Blouses

Fall in love with a minimalist luxury blouse created by an emerging fashion house

blankKeep it simple with this 100% cotton black top and matching trousers
blankThis baby blue blouse is a must-have pairing with midi skirts


Luxurious Accessories

Make sure that your accessories are made of high quality materials with a unique flare to them

blankKeep your essentials in this modern, structured medium sized bag
blank…and for your office hours, don’t forget to bring your sturdy, stylish laptop bag!


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