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*arD Stores Vendor


Luxury slow fashion label made in Britain inspired in Italy, launched London Fashion Week 2016. Combining Italian classics with a London take to create timeless clothing for all seasons, all lifestyles, all attitudes : be it walks in the olives, night time bling in hot piazzas, or art openings in London town

C O L L E C T I O N S : focus is around the Victoriana Riding Coat, originally designed with secret pockets for mime in a theatrical vintage circus. The coats are complimented by riding skirts, panelled cashmeres, drape dresses & tops, in chocolate silk velvets, camels and golds as well as in constant ever changing limited edition fabrics

M A N I F E S T O : easy to wear but a little bit different, for women that just do their own thing in their own time, with nothing to prove & no concept of beauty to strain for.  Breathe out & enjoy the natural individual grace & freedom of 'being me'.

D E S I G N E R : Emma Kempton was originally a costume designer & performance artist working for both theatres and circus (Gifford's Circus) & winner of various costume film awards.  She is mother of 2 with a British conceptual artist, & divides the time between Devon, London & Italy (where the label was born)

E T H I C S : seeking out quality fabrics, sometimes involving limited editions or prints by conceptual artists, clothing is hand made in Britain to a slow fashion philosophy of doing its own thing in its own creative time 

Afew Jewels


Perhaps it’s in the DNA, or just chance. An artist contracted by the Vatican. A civil engineer, constructing Brazilia. Fashion designer. Industrial designer. Glass sculpture. The incredible lineage of women in my family have helped to shape and influence my desire to create. They taught me to use my heart to feel the creation; my eyes to give it vision; my mind to give it function; and my hands to bring it to life.
Afina London


OUR STORY ​ Afina London is a swim and resort wear brand based in Mayfair. ​ Being inspired by worldly lifestyle and passion for travel, we wanted to bring fresh perspective to swimwear and create wearable, yet bold statement-making pieces. Our mission is to provide exclusive swimwear crafted from the finest materials with utmost attention to details. OUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY ​ Here at Afina London we are dedicated to catering to the differing forms of the female figure. Our pattern cutters carefully research, develop and sample all our pieces to ensure full support, coverage and perfect fit. Our bikini bras are made with removable push up pads for extra support. This innovative approach enabled us to create universally flattering pieces that are comfortable, sophisticated and elegant. ​ We believe that our passion for outstanding quality and fit is second to none. Our one-of-a-kind bikinis are made in England by skilled seamstresses from double lined Italian fabrics including Jersey Lomellina which is chlorine resistant and provides a luxuriously soft feel and elegant shiny finish. ​ All our garments are complimented by 24 Carat Gold Plated accessories, sourced in Paris, which are UV resistant and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. This combined with exclusive, dynamic and daring designs will make every women look and feel sophisticated, seductive and confident. ​ Our début collection features vibrant, exclusively designed prints, limited edition bridal line and unconventional designs developed by experts.
Afya Organics Skincare


We’re a future forward beauty brand of sophisticated organic skincare and inner health products packed with Africa’s natural goodness. ‘Afya’ means health in Swahili and the creation of the brand was inspired by the ancient healing traditions of the continent’s myriad tribes whose stories are elegantly told through our ecofriendly packaging and design. Nothing’s new under the sun! Herbal medicine is an African tradition. Throughout history, many African tribes drew on a large body of knowledge from the natural world around them. From the Maasai and Himba tribes’ belief in the awakening power of red ochre, to the Zulu and Ndebele peoples’ faith in volcanic healing clay to purify skin and the Ancient Egyptian reliance on frankincense and myrrh to enhance youthfulness, there is evidence that nature was revered as the only source of health, wholeness and wellness. It’s this ancient wisdom and use of various plants to promote holistic health that inspires us. Each AFYA product is carefully formulated with a clean science approach that respects nature’s healing energy and honours our human need for healing, relaxation, beauty and balance. We believe that beauty should be fun, natural and pure. There’s a growing demand for innovative, rejuvenating products based on organic, natural ingredients, which provide cosmetic yet wholistic benefits. We also believe that the modern and future forward consumer is looking for more than just superficial beauty. They’re ultimately seeking a fulfilled peaceful existence; one that celebrates their true inner essence and brings it to the fore via a wholistic, natural and healthy lifestyle. AFYA’s sustainable business practices reflect our ‘beauty from skin to soul’ mission. Our unique approach is one that brings to life Africa’s tradition of herbal medicine and healing while celebrating the essence of nature from the cradle of mankind. Our products are designed to enhance the natural you. So please play with them, massage them in, luxuriate and indulge in them, then share them with your closest and dearest. They represent natural purity from the cradle of mankind – the result of hundreds of years of holistic healing knowledge from our African ancestors. Nothing could be more desirable and beneficial to you. In a nutshell, we’re putting back purity, simplicity, heritage and wisdom back into beauty – celebrating what’s inside as well as outside. Beauty from skin to soul.
AIBY Craft


Yasuri Mayari, I am a Cuban settled in southern Spain. An economist by profession and designer adoption in mid-2013 decided to let my creativity flourish resulting in an explosion of healthy designs. The brand was born due to my strong will and intention to make my dream come true. Even though I studied economy, Fashion has always been my hobby and deep passion, so I decided to make the most of it, and soon it became my job. It was life which made me choose Sustainable Fashion. At first, my intention was to use natural and vintage fabrics, brought from Florence, for my designs. I was not really aware that it was called "Sustainable Fashion", so soon, I started doing some research, studying and finally made the decision to set an Eco-luxury brand. AIBY Craft was basically born after considering the lack of Eco-luxury brands currently existing in the marke
AJ Voyage


Here at AJ Voyage we want to take you on a journey through fashion, whether that's getting ready for a big night out and finding you that killer dress and the heels to match or stocking up that summer wardrobe with bikini's and sandals to ensure you slay non stop! We've got you covered babe
Alice's Pig


Wonderland is everywhere,' our great aunt Alice always said, "so you'd better be dressed for it!" She was one of those quirky aunts whose life was one of adventure and we always loved hearing stories about her travels around the world. No matter where she found herself, she always insisted on wearing the finest British clothes, which were as hardy as she was. Everyone adored Alice's outfits and asked about them. She had the rare talent of blending contrasting elements and making them look effortlessly stylish. She would often disappear for months in her never-ending search for rare and remarkable clothes. Years later we found great aunt Alice's many clothes trunks in the attic. The fabrics and finish were still as exquisite as the day they had been made; it was only then we realized that she made all the clothes herself. Sadly great aunt Alice is no longer with us but we're passionate about making our clothing as extraordinary as hers. All our unique designs are specially created for you and your very own adventures in wonderland. Amanda & Nico


Headed by Singaporean designer Jil Lin and her counterpart, Stacy Noz, Alijst is a new fashion-forward brand which presents newfangled ways to wear jewellery. Inspired by culture and art, Alijst creates alluring jewellery collections which redefine femininity in a statement appeal. These aesthetics are completed with modern and contemporary designs fused with a touch of luxury. Alijst pieces are made with the finest precious metals including sterling silver and 18kt plated sterling silver to design a symbol of identity for those with a unique desire. The brand design each individual accessory in Singapore and craft in Hong Kong. Renowned for: Bringing femininity to the forefront of each design, Alijst is renowned for their alluring collections of sterling silver and 18kt gold vermeil. Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Inspired by art and culture, the brand bring a modern aesthetic to versatile and affordable designs for the stylish woman.
Ana Etter


“Anna Etter” is an exclusive fashion brand based in Vienna, produced in limited quantity for women who want to dress modern & classy at the same time while keeping individuality and unique look. “In my collections, I am trying to create garments that underline femininity & elegance in daily life combining glamorous eye catching elements with casualty creating luxury yet relaxed look. Inspired by images of 50’s I am trying to revive them in my collections with a modern touch. My aim is that ladies wearing our clothes feel confident and attractive while keeping their given by nature femininity in the most genuine way”. Quality is the key element of the brand - all garments are produced in Europe and mainly made of Italian fabrics carefully selected by the
Aria and Leya


TO INSPIRE EVERY WOMAN TO SHAPE HER OWN LIFE We are committed to designing beautiful garments that fit and make you feel fabulous. But our mission is to create something much more than a lingerie company. We envision a world where all women live passionate and courageous lives. They know who they are and carve their own paths. They define success in their own words and are not afraid to go after it. THEY PROUDLY WEAR CONFIDENCE & COMPASSION EVERYDAY!


Serving our community is a part of who we are. We partnered with Freeset to make our packaging – these rather delightful fair-trade cotton bags that each of your purchases comes with – we give voice to women who are choosing freedom from the sex trade in Kolkata.
Arzu Kara


Arzu Kara has an extensive background in women’s fashion and created her own label in 2006. Originally from the captivating city of Istanbul, Arzu’s talent in garment construction began at the tender age of 14. Attending  a vocational high school, Arzu dedicated her fashion and design, which would later lead her to hone her craft at the prestigious Central St Martins in London.  An Honour’s degree in Fashion Textiles from Thames Valley University soon followed. Working alongside various designers, including the prestigious Bora Aksu, it became clear that Arzu’s career was flourishing. A widened creative vision, a focus on the wearability of her designs and the eventual birth of her own brand ensued such creative collaborations. It is Arzu’s commitment to her craft, which even led to a nomination as the most successful business woman of the year in 2012. Now based in the beautiful town of Henley on Thames, Arzu continues to demonstrate her dedicated craft and talent for understated elegance. Empowering women with the clothes they wear is of paramount importance. By carefully listening to what her clients want, the designs embody the type of woman who channels an effortlessly chic style with a mixture of couture fashion that consistently meets their needs.


Ethics & Sustainability At Avila our beliefs lay heavily in creating a brand that is ethically and sustainably responsible. We are constantly looking into ways to lessen our impact on the environment. We try to reuse all fabrics scraps, those of which we cannot find a purpose for we donate to local art groups. Designing classic, timeless designs at a high quality ensures garments last and can be worn season after season. Avila uses the highest quality natural fabrics. We are continuously researching into more sustainable, lower impact fabrics that are durable, feel great and are sustainable. Avila's clothing is ethically made in Melbourne supporting local artisans, with fair working environments and fair pay. Avila’s Non-slip pilates/yoga socks are the only item that is not produced in Australia. These socks are made in China using an ethical supplier, in which we work closely with, to ensure the values of Avila are met. Fabrics we use can vary from season to season. The fabrics below are some of our most frequently used fabrics. Modal, Tencel, Organic cotton, Silk, Linen, Bamboo, Merino Wool  


We are three sisters and stylists who created AYANAH, a swimwear brand inspired by Africa. As French of African descents, the diversity of our cultural heritage is an invaluable resource that we exploit and share through our creations. Providing creative, new and high quality pieces is essential to us. We want our brand to reflect an innovative and dynamic Africa. Art is at the heart of our creative process. We are committed to value emerging african artists through occasional collaborations. Indeed, we intent to donate a part of our profits to the organization The African Modern Art Project based in Tanzania and founded by the African artist Saidi Mbungu. This school helps children and women to develop their artistic talents in order to become financially independent. Our desire is to be the vehicle by which our future customers will experience Africa as we know it. As a company, we take into consideration sustainable development in the use of natural resources to design our collections. In all our decisions making process, we are dedicated to protect the environment in order to be a real player in the green fashion industry. Our first collection is the result of a dynamic combination of tradition and modernity. It reflects a changing Africa that is leaning on its amazing cultural heritage while moving toward a promising future. The geometric cuts of our swimsuits echo a strong tribal inspiration. The graphic prints are mixed up together in a bright blend of colors embellished by a chic and urban touch. Each piece reveals a clear desire to stand out in order to give women the opportunity to assert their uniqueness.
Bastet Noir


Our story began back in 2013. Our founder wanted to create a marketplace for affordable fashion, where fashionistas can come, enjoy, get inspired and shop affordable pieces made to measure. All in the name of fashion. She like everyone else had problems with fitting when ordering online, so she wanted to help others avoid that problem. That's how Bastet Noir was born. Today the marketplace has become a destination for women of all sizes. We are a kick-ass custom-made online shop for party dresses, office wear and casual clothing. We slay at making clothing, shoes, accessories, and the best custom-made fashion around. Our story began back in 2013. Our founder wanted to create a marketplace for affordable fashion, where fashionistas can come, enjoy, get inspired and shop affordable pieces made to measure. All in the name of fashion. She like everyone else had problems with fitting when ordering online, so she wanted to help others avoid that problem. That's how Bastet Noir was born. Today the marketplace has become a destination for women of all sizes.
Bianca Blu


  Bianca Blu is a modern women's wear brand with Made-in- Italy concept. Expert tailoring, luxury fabrics and fitted, feminine designs are at the core of Bianca Blu. FINEST MATERIALS We are proud to use premium quality fabrics from Italy including silks, wools and crepes. All fabrics, with the exception of unique French lace, are sourced from prestigious Italian producers. MADE IN ITALY QUALITY We work together with family-run factories in Italy who have long history in serving high end Italian fashion houses. With Made-in- Italy proposition, our designs are committed to represent the highest standards of quality. FEMININE STYLE We have a strong emphasis on quality tailoring, accentuating the feminine figure with designs that are fitted and flattering. We want to empower women to feel confident and good about themselves and how they look
Boo Packs


Boo is a design label founded by two sisters, Katarina & Dominika Bucar in March 2015. It all started with a simple handmade drawstring backpack named Boopack. Boo expresses a clean, minimal and modern style and at the same time stands out in its distinctiveness and uniqueness. Boo handmade leatherette and leather goods are made in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
Bozena Carter


Bo Carter is a unique, independent, ethical fashion brand, creating high quality contemporary garments in a responsible manner. Bo’s vision of fashion is clear: be unique, be bold and most of all be ethical. Ethics and a tough stance against animal cruelty have a special place in Bo’s heart, which is why you won’t find leather, fur or garments made using child labour or exploitation in any of her collections.


Bo won the title of ‘Best Local Designer’ in the 2011 Leeds Retail Awards, followed by the title of ‘Leeds Most Stylish Women’s Independent Retailer’ in the 2012 Radio Aire Awards. Though her proudest award to date was when she was named ‘Most Talented New Designer’ in the 2013 PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards.
Bruna Abreu


Bruna Abreu, owner and designer of the brand BRUNA ABREU Headwear has graduated in Fashion Design and is a well-respected designer from Brazil, worked with big brands and presented two fashion shows at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. After a season in London, in the end of 2015, was a natural way to become milliner. The first collection of the BRUNA ABREU brand called “Top Hat Magic” had luxury decorative top hats handmade for the carnival in Brazil. Subsequently submitted a timeless line of headwear, a modern and chic collection of well-crafted hats to wear at various times, such as cities tours, resorts, ships, parties, festivals, events, special dates and even weddings. The brand is innovative and contemporary in the market; turns the hat into an art object. Textures, embroideries, prints, colors and cuts are unique from Bruna Abreu style. The structured hats are made in three sizes (S, M, L) through a measurement table according to the circumference of the head. They all produced with high quality materials and very well made by hand in Brazil. BRUNA ABREU is unique in the creation of the hat style; the products are key parts for the transformation of a female look to extremely elegant, sophisticated and unusual. Be unique and use this experience. The designer also accepts orders for themed hats and exclusive pieces


Cenan Abas Sel took the road less traveled on her quest to become a luxury accessories designer. Upon graduating university in her native country, Turkey, Cenan set out to put her business administration degree aside for greater good of fashion. With a team of 30 women, Cenan began producing exquisite knitted designs hand-sewn with precious Swarovski crystals that only elevated the aesthetic of an already unmatched design. A loyal, and ever expanding, celebrity following sparked interest from buyers in the United States, giving Cenan a chance to grace a new market with her handiwork. However, the prospect of encountering such uncharted territory grew to be overwhelming and eventually steered young Cenan back to a career in finance. Five years and many promotions later, Cenan decided to reach for her sartorial dreams once again. In 2007, Cenan introduced the States to beautifully crafted leather outerwear and accessories. Garnering praise from industry insiders, Cenan returned to Turkey and opened her very own showroom and workshop, thus giving birth to Cashhimi. Cashhimi handbags cater to the innermost needs and desires of women from luxury and femininity, to versatility and functionality. With precise workmanship and attention to detail, Cashhimi continues to elevate the standards of luxury above and beyond expectations. Close to Abas Sel’s heart, the name Cashhimi is derived from the initials of her name, the surname of her husband, and the first two letters of her sons’ names. Following the design process, Abas Sel chooses her materials from a vibrantly colored array of exotic skins, crafting a prototype that maintains the highest quality for which the brand is known. From sketch to finish, design to manufacture, each Cashhimi bag is handcrafted and produced under the same roof in Istanbul, ensuring the best quality. Cenan Abas Sel designs bags for fashion-conscious women who appreciate fine handcrafted quality, exceptional design, and gorgeous exotic skins. Abas Sel allows women to freely express themselves through accessories, making them women who want to be followed, instead of being followers.



Cecilia Rinaldi is a brand dedicated to ethical and conscious fashion. We create clothing and accessoriesbased on environmental and social sustainability using fabrics and organic materials produced in Italy. Each collection is created with the idea of Slow Fashion, emphasizing sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for humanity. Italian style is combined with a deconstructed form influenced by different Asian cultures resulting in a refined and minimal urban chic style. We promote continual research into new innovative methods while always referencing Italian traditions to maintain high quality products with a low environmental impact. We believe that providing the option to buy one quality garment over multiple low quality items contributes to reducing the environmental impact of a wardrobe.
Chrystal and Sage


Looking for wild and beautiful gemstone jewellery in 2012 I ended up a bit disappointed as there was almost nothing on the German market. So I decided to create my own jewellery line and this is how Crystal and Sage got started. Crystal and Sage Jewellery is inspired by everything from Berlin, to nature and colours,meditation, festival life and Aristotle. By using semi-precious stones from South America and high-quality gold plated brass chains produced in Germany, the brand is creating a collection that is intuitive, playful and intrepid at the same time.
Cielle London


London based designer and artist Seree Kang has worked with a host of high profile fashion and lifestyle brands including Alfred Dunhill, Jo Malone and Estee Lauder companies over the past 10 years, before embarking on the adventure of creating her own brand. In 2014, following a three-year stint as Global Senior Designer–Brand Image at British luxury goods brand Alfred Dunhill, Seree decided that it was time to offer her own vision to the world. That vision, Cielle, will be an entwining of art and high fashion, designed for the powerful, elegant, intellectual and beautiful modern woman. Seree came to London to attend Central Saint Martins, graduating with an MA in Communication Design in 2005. The art she produced during her course has been selected for a number of exhibitions, such as the National Art Competition (2008) held in Chichester, UK, and London Design Festival – where her work was judged the best MA exhibition in 2007. Most recently, she received the Award of Excellence from Communication Art (2016).
Clara Kaesdorf


The biggest inspiration for me are always the surfaces of different materials and how they change due to weather, exhaust and depreciation and the intervention of mankind” says German fashion designer Clara Kaesdorf. Although still at an early stage, she already showed her work at Berlin fashion week. When I grew up I always thought that Berlin was a huge city, far far away, dark and grey as all the pictures you see in books about the history of Germany. I can remember when I first came to Berlin, I was really impressed by the opposite: wide streets full of trees and green, the big unbuilt land you see everywhere and the huge graffitis and street art projects covering unrenovated buildings. It really corresponds with my opinion of how a city should look like to feel free to do what you want without any frontiers. So I decided to study fashion design in that inspiring city. A good choice. I still can’t stop turning my head around and around to see every detail! And the city is changing so fast that you never get bored about what you see, even if you come across the same place many times!
Claudia Furst



The idea behind Claud Fürst was born while browsing for a new travel/work bag.

Timeless, stylish, individual. 

Claud Fürst was created to merge contemporary style with the demands of commuting to and from work in the city of London and international travel. Claud (as nicknamed by friends) was looking for a stylish, quality-made and functional bag; versatile for travel, day and evening.

‘I couldn’t find that bag I wanted, so I made my own’.

The first collection featuring the ‘Claud Fürst ClutchBag’, a timeless style statement for business and personal use, launched in October 2016.

All collections are ‘Made in Italy’ with selected best quality fabrics, leather and fittings.

Claud’s trademark logo, an abstract rose – ‘my favourite flower’, was designed with input from her son.

All her designs were awarded the UK and international design registrations.

My designs are aimed to appeal to style conscious professionals, jet setters and fashionistas. 

Claudia moved from her hometown Vienna and currently lives and works in the UK. My designs reflect London’s multicultural environment, the cooperate style I knew, merged with what I enjoy. The edgy and chic aspects to create designs which reflect both, style and versatility. A dress, scarf or a handbag that suits many occasions, any time.

Claus Tyler


Claus Tyler stands for fashion and design. Since 2010 the fashion-brand with Austrian roots represents timeless and stylish design as well as know-how and competence on the european fashion market. The well-rehearsed and experienced team around designer and creative impresario Claus Tyler embodies concepts "on the spot" and creative implementation of collections and fashion-projects. A nostalgic heart with focus on the future. Designer Claus Tyler translates the elegance and grace of the Twenties and Thirties with his creations to date and celebrates the feminin silhouette with precise cuts as well as with special and high quality materials. His work is always focusing on longevity and wearability. The very own interpretation of sustainability, which is as integrated in the brands DNA as well as the connection to Europe and the commitment to regional production.


If fashion is your passion then look no further! Conquista online is sure to fulfil all your sartorial needs, whatever the occasion. We believe shopping should be fun and the Conquista online experience promises exactly that at the click of a button. We know you’ll enjoy browsing our collection with so many different products on offer and at competitive prices. We specialise in original women’s fashion for the woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! Contemporary, casual, dressy, edgy - whatever your style, Conquista has that special something just for you. Be unique, be fabulous, be CONQUISTA!
Cute Fashionista Store


Cute Fashionista specialises in beautiful, originals scarves influenced by cultures from around the world.

The artist creates exclusive collections, based on specific themes.

Each design is a work of art and an invitation in a distant journey.

It begins with original hand-drawn illustration painted with gouache, not less than thirty colours per design, with patience and talent.

It takes around forty days to realise one !

The scarves are produced using screen print mode wich is best suited to render all details of compositions as an extension of Lucrezia"s work.

They are succeeded with a multitude of details.

The designer is a real artist who draw her inspiration from disappeared civilizations and the folklores of the whole world.

Native from south of France, after leading artistic studies, Lucrezia worked for various fashion and silk trades companies in Europe and the United-States.

She creates then a very original scarves line under her own brand "Cute Fashionista".



ELAIVA is a brand unafraid of distinction - actually, ELAIVA embraces it. Through quality. Through refinement. Our garments are made of the finest materials and bare nothing but the livest, richest, most intense colours. We like details. We love detailing. That's why we weave our patterns to be just as delicately intricate as corals. We were born by the sea and by the sun of the Mediterranean, involved in its unique warmth and smooth soothing touch. And that's exactly what we aim to bring into every single one of our products. Into every single one of our allurements.


Observation,experimentation and dissatisfaction with existing form are her core design principles. A link between seeing and perceiving the world inhaling music,modern art and science. Seeing the world through half-closed eyes,see discovers the magic of asymmetry,of imperfect beauty,the directness and nobility of simplicity. Her aim is to foreground individuality and hidden beauty. She defines style as a fluid concept born of introverted qualities that seep through fashion's outward shell,emphasising lines,colours,shapes,volume and technique,not just as a set of contemporary tendencies but as exercises of creative control. She narrates her distilled experiences, channelling memories and thoughts which transform an article of clothing from a utilitarian item into the object of aesthetic experimentation


Foceps is a luxury womenswear brand focusing on both detail and quality of each style with lovely, vivid color blocks. Foceps believes fine clothing can only be accomplished through the combination of the highest quality fabric, the best sewing technique, and decent design. Every product of Foceps is made by collaboration with artisans with careers over at least 30 years.


We sell handmade backpacks. Backpacks made for ultimate babes. The Frachella babes. And who is she? She's an eclectic mix of beauty, wit and just the right amount of wilderness. The kind of wilderness that makes you dance on tables till the lights come on and doesn't give a damn if she's the only one left. The kind of wilderness that makes you drop everything and insists you stare at the starts with her and contemplate the idea of our lives in a parallel universe. The kind of wilderness that will grab your hand and take you on an adventure even if that means a walk through town you've walked a thousand times before because you know that all you need for an actual adventure is her and her wild heart. Because every single day can be an adventure for those who can find magic in the mundane. And she definitely is one of them.
Furious Goose


Eccentric Fine Accessories and Luxury Gifts from Brighton We make gorgeous and unconventional things for the hooray hipsters, grown-up ravers, posh party-people, fabulous feminists and the decadently disaffected amongst us. Object d’Art Furious Goose is for those who delight in the extraordinary and the irreverent. We offer unique pocket squares, scarves or gifts that are pure stimulation for the senses and at the same time tell a story. More than just accessories these are conversation-starting pieces of contemporary graphic design. Be bold, be different We believe that ‘high-end’ needn’t mean restrained and boring. We were teenage rebels so so why tone it down now that we’ve grown up and like to wear suits too. Refuse to be stereotypical. Boys can wear silk for sure and what’s the definition of feminine these days? Who cares! Just don’t be shy… BE FURIOUS
Gotroxx Jewellery & Accessories


Gotroxx Bridge and Fashion jewelry pieces are expressions of color and light by Jacqueline Jones, designer.  Jacqueline's pieces range from contemporary and classic to the avant-garde.Gotroxx Jewelry is made of precious and semi-precious gemstones, lampwork beads hand crafted by artisans, pearls, crystal, leather and other organic materials. Most findings are 22k gold vermeil over sterling or sterling silver. All designs are unique and one-of-a kind unless disclosed otherwise or commissioned in multiples. Earrings, for most styles, may be made in pierced or clip-on and “Pierce Me Nots™” styles.Earrings average    $45 -   $150 Bracelets average   $85 -   $550 Necklaces average $100 - $1200
Guinevere Launcelot


Meiki Kyo was born in Tokyo. The designer of "Quietude of Flora", “Incubus of Ignis" and "Serene of Aqua" collections. A connate designer with exceptional aptitude, she approaches her designs with unique decorative and classical style through combining Eastern Philosophy and Western Romanticism.  She defines fashion as ‘Something presents the flux of time’. She manifests her ideal as: ‘Fashion design should include classic compositions - which could be the use of silhouette, elements or a combination of colours; and, at the same time, has to be something you have never seen before’.


YEYEONG HAILEY KIM was born in South Korea in 1989. She studied Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University from 2009 to 2013, and started learning Footwear Design in the UK since 2013. Hailey loves exploring new materials and concepts with analogue sensibility and handcraft. Her works are full of modern urban sense. Meanwhile, the expression of her works shows humanity and emotional senses. Hailey eliminates gender division in her designs. She devotes herself to mixing the different concepts of male and female into every single piece of her design.
Guiseppe Zanotti Vendor
Heidi and Adele


In 2013, after over twenty years of friendship, Heidi Carneau and Adèle Taylor launched Heidi & Adèle, an independent hand bag and accessories brand specialising in eco-exotic® leather. Inspired by their Franco-British upbringing and love of the unique, Heidi & Adèle products are a combination of Parisian elegance and flirty London exuberance. Their design philosophy focuses on creating simple and elegant products, using eco-friendly innovative materials in a large array of colours and textures. Using high grade leathers and incredibly vibrant eco-exotic® skins, Heidi & Adèle create inimitable pieces that fuse beauty with practicality – a spot of every day luxury for the relaxed, glamorous and confident woman. Ethical trading and sustainable sourcing are the brand’s top priorities and Heidi and Adèle have travelled the world to source the suppliers and manufacturers who share their ethos as well as their dedication to producing exquisitely crafted products. Passionate about eco-exotic® leather, Heidi and Adèle have made it their mission to put it on the map as an eco-friendly viable alternative to more traditional exotic skins which often use endangered species. Heidi & Adèle is driven by the sincere belief that fashion has an important part to play in making sustainable and ethical choices accessible to everyone. Meet the rest of the team whose talent and commitment is central to the Heidi & Adèle brand.
Heiter Couture


A personal obsession with Science Fiction & Film Noir, Art Deco and the flamboyant theatre design of Boris Caksirjan all inspire jewellery collection from HEITER. Belgrade born Mia Krstic is the creative force behind the brand, her background includes a degree in theatre design and an impressive thirteen years designing for the jewellers Erickson Beamon. Working predominately in crystal and chain, she fashions exquisite hand-made, contemporary jewellery with a nostalgic feel. As an avid traveller, each season HEITER will also feature a sublime selection of one- off designs, the materials sourced from eclectic travels around the world. These unique pieces will remain exclusive to the online boutique.


HEKNE is a slow fashion brand offering garments made of organic, recycled and natural materials. The brand's visual design concept is inspired by nature; every collection carries the colours of a selected bird.

The company was established in 2013 by Anja Birgitte Daatland Hekne and Siglinde Maria Lunde. Anja has a BA degree in Fashion Design from Ravensbourne College in London and has studied Marketing Management at CPHbusiness in Copenhagen. Siglinde has a MA degree in PR and marketing from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Icastica Studio


castica Studio is a London based artisan company that creates exclusive handmade leather handbags and bespoke home decor, combining Italian craftsmanship with unique artistic flair.

The brand was founded in 2015 by the ambition and desire of two close friends whose practical knowledge and creative skills complemented each other in order to build the creative and inspiring environment upon which the company was founded. The vision initially, and continual philosophy, to create an ever inventive, imaginative, evolving studio, was affirmed by  the launch of their first collection in 2017.

The name Icastica derives from the Greek language, translating as vivid, evocative and figurative – words that reflect the studio’s own founding principles and style, manifested in each product by eloquence and vibrancy by virtue of the dramatic choice of colours and the rich use of paint.

The Mediterranean origins of the two designers behind the company profoundly influences their way to conceive and realise a concept. By following the traditional Italian ‘bottega’ approach, each product is handmade by the duo and the entire process is carried out in the studio, where the imagination and practical abilities of both are conjoined throughout the entire creation process.

At every stage, from inception through to completion, products are handcrafted with a strong focus on high quality and individuality, using quality and sustainable leathers carefully selected from Italy in person.

Inspired by nature, products range from custom-made handbags to stand-out bespoke centrepieces of interior design, the decoration for which are the result of combining traditional craft techniques with extensive experimentation with painting and haute couture pattern-making. Due to the nature of the production method, each Icastica Studio creation is one of a kind and the culmination of an intense study of colours, shapes and the use of multiples artistic and crafting disciplines.

The personalities of the two founders behind Icastica Studio, ensure that the desire to celebrate luxury as a concept of sustainability and uniqueness from distinctive design will never be compromised.

Irena Chmura


I am a London based artist and designer. With a master degree in fine arts I have been working as a figurative painter for several years. I have had a privilege to exhibit with the best British artists and to win an award for the most promising young painter. I always loved finding new ways to explore my creativity and this is how I fell in love with goldsmithing. Previously I also experimented with fashion where I designed and tailored my own collection. I retrained in jewellery making and I am very excited to launch my new project. My aim is to create a line that would merge minimal aesthetic, uniqueness and delicate beauty. Each piece of my jewellery is designed and handcrafted with care and passion using the finest quality material
Jennifer Hamley


Jennifer Hamley Is An Award Winning British Handbag Designer. In 2015 Jennifer's first handbags quickly gained a high profile amongst her peers when she won both her category and the people's choice at the Independent Handbag Designers Awards in New York. Focusing on elegant and effortless solutions for modern professional women, Jennifer's creations incorporate striking lines, bold colours, innovative features and premium materials. All finely handcrafted to last. Previously credited with establishing the cult accessory and fascinator label 'Head Full of Feathers', Jennifer has also studied handbag design at the London College of Fashion and has a degree in 3D Design. She is proud to pursue her mission of supporting the empowerment of women worldwide.
Jessica Russell Flint  


British interior designer and illustrator Jessica Russell Flint trained at Central St.Martins after doing a Geography Degree at Exeter University, the artistic side in her meant that she was always with quill pen, inks and paper. Inspired by life’s eccentricities, and with a love for colour and texture, Jess’ style is both vivacious and unusual. Transforming the ordinary into something unusual, and collectable was the way the brand was conceived. Mixing British Heritage inspired themes with contemporary colours and bold designs , the whole ethos behind the brand is to make the most of life, to enjoy it, to embrace colour, and to think outside the box. Her motto is 'Can you see beyond the end of your nose'.
Julia McLearon


Fashion staple for the chic and glamorous, scarves have always held a strong appeal to Julia McLearon. The British designer, who’s inspired by “by nature, flowers, birds, art, graffiti and street art”, creates silk scarves that are printed and manufactured in the UK for her eponymous label. Julia’s scarves radiate a sense of fun and adventure all the while treasuring the delicate luxury of silk. They are the stylish answer for those who have a sense of adventure, and are not afraid of mixing tradition with modernity and freshness. Finding beauty in the ordinariness of everyday, Julia explores the idea of a print being the antithesis of silk. While keeping her luxury scarf designs simple yet a little bit anarchic and provocative, Julia has created a fashion accessory that adds an instant touch of glamour, sophistication and personal style to any outfit. Julia McLearon scarves are wardrobe additions that last, are timelessly stylish and not just fashionable. Their fluid lightness, resulting from the use of the most excellent materials, guarantees an item of the highest quality and an aesthetic that can be treasured forever.
Kamilah Willacy


Kamilah Willacy is an American based fashion designer in New York. Originally an architect student, Kamilah began modeling not knowing that she would be greatly inspired by the designers she modeled for and would eventually lead her to a successful career in accessory design. Kamilah decided to enroll in FIT, before transferring to Polimoda in Milan where she completed her studies. During Kamilah’s time in Milan, she leveraged her experience in the fashion industry by working for several handbag production and fashion houses in Milan and Arezzo Italy. Her journey to success continued upon her return to New York as she worked as an accessory designer for Makins as a hat designer which were sold in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Nordstrom. It wasn’t long before Kamilah realized that she wanted to combine her interest for fashion with her architectural knowledge to create truly unique one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. To make the dream of her own collection a reality, Kamilah went back to her architectural roots for greater influence. She collaborated with residential and commercial developers by designing condominiums throughout New York City as well as worked with furniture design firms such as Italian based B&B Italia. Kamilah believes her design sense acquired through fashion along with her architectural background helped her create innovative spaces; and it was that same combination of fashion and architecture that led to the birth of her brand. “This combination has allowed me to cleverly incorporate both structural and fashion knowledge into works of art,” explains the designer. Kamilah’s use of unconventional materials such as real architectural steel, resin poured glass finishes, natural resources such as wood and marbles and an array of materials used to build spaces are used in her handbags. The results are works of art that are feminine, functional and made to last.
Karen Morris Hats

 Karen Morris Milliner

karen Morris is an accomplished milliner. She is proud to have her work featured in fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue, and on the runway around the globe. Karen was born in Hong Kong, a cultural crossroads of exuberance, fashion and character. She was trained by top milliners in Britain, Australia and the States. Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Karen applies her artistic skill and contemporary style to hat pieces for her haute couture Karen Morris Millinery label as well as ready-to-wear pieces for her Obsession label. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade of exotic materials sourced from around the world.
Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton is a UK designer of luxury larger cup lingerie in sizes 26-38, D-HH. Her designs combine luxury materials from silks to French lace with superior technical fit and comfort. Katherine’s pioneering designs are inspired by her personal philosophy of embracing and empowering women with elegance, comfort and confidence. She sees lingerie as a tool with which to support women not only physically but emotionally; to lift their self-esteem and communicate their self-worth. Her designs create the illusion of effortless beauty whilst hidden beneath are years of expert technical research and development that has created the brand’s trademark shape of forward projection and lift with a rounded silhouette. Her designs attend to all aspects of lingerie from fit, shape, beauty to comfort creating the ultimate in intimate apparel that serves women all day and every day.


KhuKhuZ is a fashion brand with glamorous appeal and stunning quality. We specialise in creating stylish and unique unisex clothing and accessories to make you stand out in the crowd. Our products are a fusion of classic and versatile collections that embody timeless beauty using stellar fabric choices. Our products beam with simplicity and comfort fit created just for you.
Kites and Bites .


Is a contemporary brand born in the multicultural London. Being inspired by the vibe of the city we try to keep diversity as the centrepiece. We love to experiment with different kinds of textiles, prints and shapes, merging them with current trends for a more commercial approach. Embracing a truly international vision, our creativity comes from worldwide traditions, celebrations, landmarks and travel adventures. We do suffer from wanderlust. Items can be grouped in tiny capsule collections, where each can stand independently from the others. Together they form an eclectic selection capable of satisfying the love for statement items. Our clothes are made to intrigue and be the centre of attention in any outfit. We take advantage of eye-catching details and have a crush on colours that express vitality. KITES AND BITES values uniqueness and quality. We’re the destination for garments that are conversation starters. We believe in the woman's confidence. She’s unique, outspoken and always willing to try new things
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